University of California, San Diego

July 11, 1996
SUBJECT: Formal Review of Salary Procedures
Effective 7/1/96 the four personnel programs [Executive, Management and Professional (MAP), Administrative and Professional (A&PS), and Staff] were blended into a new single personnel program. Human Resources consulted broadly with the campus on the new systemwide policies and local implementing procedures which were proposed to accompany the new personnel program. During the consultation referenced above, the local implementing procedures for Staff Personnel Policy 30-Salary were not distributed because the changes warranted a separate review. The proposed salary procedures are now ready for formal review by the campus community.
The draft procedures treat all affected employees under the same set of rules. The new procedures will eliminate the current complexity associated with determining merit review dates and allow UCSD to simplify the salary review process.
The proposed procedures would apply to non-exclusively represented employees who were in MAP, A&PS, or Staff titles. Employees who have a union election pending and exclusively-represented employees will continue to be governed by their existing terms and conditions of employment.
For employees previously assigned to the MAP and A&PS programs, the draft procedures largely represent a continuation of the status quo, so there is limited impact for them. The affected population that would see the most change includes all employees, previously covered by Staff Personnel Policy, in classes where the salary range contains steps.
Specifically, proposed changes for employees subject to the new Staff Personnel Policy, effective 7/1/96, include:
a) setting new hire rates up to the midpoint of the range, subject to availability of funds and internal equity considerations;
b) granting upward reclassification/promotional increases ranging from 0 - 15%, subject to availability of funds and internal equity considerations;
c) granting equity increases as compensation for position-related skill acquisition that represents more than normal job growth;
d) providing stipends for temporary increases in responsibility lasting 15 consecutive working days or longer with a maximum duration of one year;
e) eliminating steps for all ranges that currently have steps;
f) eliminating six month increases;
g) moving to a single annual review date with common merit eligibility requirements for all;
h) granting merit increases subject to an annual budget that combines merit and range adjustment funding with all combined individual increases (via merit, reclassification, promotion, and equity), not to exceed 25% in any one fiscal year; and
i) eliminating automatic rate increases when salary ranges are adjusted, except as required to bring employees to the new range minimum.
Pursuant to this proposal, the same amount of money will be spent on the same group of employees; however, the distribution methodology will be different. Salary increases will be based on merit, increased responsibility, skill acquisition, or equity considerations. For example, if the UC approved budget included an allocated 2% range adjustment funding and 2% merit pool, these funds would be combined to create a 4% pool to be distributed based upon merit. Under this example, all range minimums and maximums would advance by 2%. Therefore, those currently paid at the maximum would be able to participate in the merit pool with up to 2% salary growth potential.
This proposal allows us to advance an otherwise delayed merit timetable whereby all employees regardless of merit eligibility dates will be eligible for merit increase consideration on 10/1/96 so long as they are: 1) in a casual position without an ending date or have career status,
2) have completed probation (if applicable), and 3) are below the new salary range maximum. Otherwise, Staff employees would continue to receive their merit increases on a six-month delayed cycle. That is, employees with merit eligibility dates of 7/1/96 would receive their increases on 1/1/97 whereas employees with merit eligibility dates of 1/1/97 would receive their increases on 7/1/97.
In addition to the implementing procedure for salary (HR-S-1), which applies to all employees covered by Staff Personnel Policies (except Senior Managers), there is also an implementing procedure for payment of sea pay (HR-S-2), which is applicable to sea-going personnel at Scripps Institution of Oceanography and basically preserves current practices.
The systemwide Salary policy (SPP 30) and these draft procedures can be viewed on the World Wide Web at:
Comments or questions regarding the proposed procedures should be directed to Judy Johnson, Compensation Manager, at extension 40986 or via electronic mail at jjohnson@ucsd by Wednesday, July 31. Open forums to discuss the proposed changes are scheduled from 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. on the following dates:
Wednesday, July 17 SIO, 4500 Hubbs Hall
Monday, July 22 UCSD Medical Center, Main Auditorium Friday, July 26 Price Center, Ballroom A
Rogers Davis
Assistant Vice Chancellor -
Human Resources