University of California, San Diego

Business and Financial Services
August 2, 1996
SUBJECT: Federal Express Stamp Program
Effective August 1996, UCSD has implemented a FedEx Stamp program to provide a cost effective, flexible, and less paper intensive process for using Federal Express. The FedEx Stamp is a prepaid shipping document which includes a copy that you detach and keep as a receipt. You then just peel up the FedEx Stamp and place it on your package.
This program is in addition to the 'standard' Federal Express process that is now in use. You are encouraged to use this new program because of its advantages to you, the sender. This program will also eliminate the time consuming task that Disbursements must perform manually processing hundreds of Federal Express invoices on a weekly basis. These invoices are often received with incomplete information and subsequently
require a significant amount of time to research.
EASY TO USE... Advantages for you...
* Ease of procurement. Mail Services can simply recharge your department's
* No more guessing as to name of the person who sent a package when the
charge appears on the operating ledger. Information as to who used the stamp will be known up front.
* No need to handle copies of Federal Express bills and reconcile against
the operating ledger.
* Ease of handling. Departmental personnel will not need to go to a Federal
Express Box. Mail Services can pickup on their routes from one to four times per day. Just place the Federal Express items in the outgoing tray with your other recharge items for Mail Services delivery personnel to pickup.
* Mail Services has the FedEx Powership 2 on-line service to quickly track
an item without having to go through the Federal Express Web Page. You can contact any member of Mail Services at Extension 41168 to give you an update on your item(s).
Mail Services will have the most frequently used one (1) pound or less stamps available for pre-ordering for each of the delivery options listed below at a substantial cost savings:
Cost UCSD Mail Services VS. Non-Contracted
FedEx Letter $10.22 $13.00
10:30 A.M. next business day delivery 1/2 pound or less.
FedEx Priority $10.54 $22.50 Overnight
10:30 A.M. next business day delivery 1 - 2 pounds.
FedEx Standard $ 8.28 $16.50
3:00 or 4:30 P.M. next business day delivery 1 pound or less.
FedEx Standard $ 7.64 $16.50
3:00 or 4:30 P.M. next business day delivery 1/2 pound or less.
FedEx 2Day $ 7.47 $13.00
4:30 P.M. delivery in two business days 1 pound or less.
You may also place an order for other stamps for weights up to 70 pounds by contacting Mail Services. Please allow for a 5 day turnaround time.
To order all FedEx Stamps, call Mail Services: Extension 41164.
Faye E. McCullough Pat Procopio Manager Manager Disbursements Division Mail Services