University of California, San Diego

It has come to the attention of the University Police Department that the COMMUNITY ALERT BULLETIN initially distributed on August 2, 1996 was not distributed as widely as anticipated. This bulletin is being redistributed to "All at 
University of California
Police Department
Crime: Rape
Location: UCSD - Marshall College Commons area (between La Casa and the Cognitive Science Bldg.)
Date/Time: July 31, 1996 - Wednesday night - approximately 9:30 p.m.
Victim: 36-year-old female, non-student, conference attendee
Suspect: Hispanic male, possibly named "Jose," in his early 20's,
approximately 5'-10" tall, muscular build, oval 
                  face, dark brown collar length wavy hair, layered 
                  and parted in the center, unshaven, two day growth. 
                  Wearing black jeans, black tennis shoes.
M.O.              On Wednesday, July 31, 1996, at approximately 9:30 p.m.,
                  the victim had just finished using the public 
                  telephone located on the lower level of the Marshall 
                  College Commons complex (La Casa) when she was 
                  grabbed and forced into a vacant/unoccupied room. 
                  The victim was then raped.
Weapon:           None involved
Detective:        Robert L. Jones
                  UCSD PD Detective Bureau
                  Community members who are out late at night are 
                  encouraged to walk in groups or pairs.  If this is 
                  not possible, arrange a CSO escort by dialing 
                  As safe as UCSD is, it is not immune to criminal activity. 
                  All community members need to be alert to such 
                  possibilities and take necessary precautions.
                  Public telephones and emergency call boxes are located 
                  throughout the campus.  To contact the police 
                  department using a public telephone, simply dial
                  911 for assistance.  Community members are 
                  encouraged to immediately report any unusual/ 
                  suspicious activity.
                  It is the responsibility of those receiving this bulletin to 
                  immediately disseminate the information by posting
                  them in campus areas under their control.  The UCSD 
                  Police Department requests that anyone having 
                  information concerning this incident to immediately 
                  contact the police department.