University of California, San Diego

August 29, 1996
On August 15, 1996, three SDSU Engineering professors, Liang Chen, D. Preston Lowery III, and Constantinos Lyrintzis were shot and killed on the SDSU campus.
In light of this tragedy, I thought it important to revisit the resources that are in place and available to all UCSD staff, students and faculty to help prevent incidents of workplace violence.
In the summer of 1994, the UCSD Workplace Violence Task Force was formed and began its work to address the issues of workplace violence and to develop a proactive strategy to prevent acts of intimidation, threats and violence. This effort brought together personnel resources and expertise from the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP), UCSD Human Resources and the UCSD Police Department. Together, this team published the UCSD Workplace Violence Employee Handbook, and developed a model intervention strategy for the management of workplace violence situations. On the heels of this initial effort, in 1995, The Committee on Managing Student Disruptive Behavior was formed. This committee has since published a handbook designed for faculty and staff on how to manage student disruptive behavior.
Our efforts to prevent workplace violence continues, in the form of workplace violence seminars, workshops and formal class work
through the UCSD Staff Education and Develop Program. Where incidents have occurred, special departmental debriefings are conducted to better educate and inform those directly or indirectly involved in the particular situation.
With the assistance of the entire UCSD community, where we as individuals treat one another with respect in a manner we would like to be treated, incidents of intimidation threats or violence can be significantly reduced.
Employee workplace violence handbooks are available at the UCSD Police Department. We anticipate placing the entire handbook on the Web UCSD Police Department home page, which of course can be accessed via the UCSD InfoPath.
The UCSD Faculty and Staff Assistance Program and the UCSD Human Resources Department are both excellent resources to consider in the management of workplace violence situations.
For more information concerning the prevention of workplace violence, department presentations or referrals, please contact UCSD
Detective Sergeant Robert L. Jones, at 534-4359 or rjones@UCSD.edu via e-mail.
Maudie Bobbitt
Chief of Police