University of California, San Diego

September 20, 1996
ALL AT UCSD (Excluding Medical Center)
SUBJECT: 1996-1997 Staff Education and Development Catalog
Welcome to another year full of opportunities for your continuous learning and development!
Staff Education and Development is pleased to announce the availability of its online 1996-1997 Staff Education and Development Catalog. Soon your department will be receiving multiple copies of the printed Catalog, so please see your departmental contact for your copy.
In looking back over the past year, we want you to know how much we appreciate your participation in Staff Education and Development courses and services, your embracing the Electronic Enrollment Service (EES) in its first year, and your interest in helping us serve your needs.
You may continue to access both the online 1996-1997 Staff Education and Development Catalog and the Electronic Enrollment Service (EES) through InfoPath either by selecting "Administrative," then "Human 
     Resources and Personnel," and then "Staff Education and Development;"
or by entering the URL address "http://www-hr.ucsd.edu/~staffeducation/".
Beginning January 1, 1997 the Electronic Enrollment Service will become the exclusive means of enrollment for Staff Education and Development courses.
As we anticipate the coming year, we want to introduce you to three new course series: the Organizational Excellence Series, the Learning and Development Series, and the Management Development Series. The Organizational Excellence Series presents the five-part Sustaining Excellence Series which brings together an array of resources to assist you in working in teams. A major complement dedicated to helping build a cultural climate that is critical to our organizational success is the Diversity Education Program, which is designed to increase awareness and appreciation of our workplace diversity. To round out the Organizational Excellence Series, you will recognize two important skill areas presented in "Getting the 
     Most Out of Meetings" and "Developing Quality Service Skills."
The Learning and Development Series has been created for those of you who are responsible for instructing other employees, either formally or informally, and for helping them to develop in their jobs and grow professionally. Look for several new courses in this series as well as updated versions of time-tested courses. New courses include "Breakthrough Learning:  Learning-to-Learn Skills for the 21st 
     Century;" "Practicum:  Applying Instructional Skills;" and "Envisioning Your Organization:  Developing Employee Potential." Completing this series are the updated courses "Enhancing Classroom 
     Training Skills," "How to Do On-the-Job and Cross-Training," "Career 
     Directions:  Knowing Yourself and Your Options," and "Keys to Career 
The Management Development Series has been designed to assist those of you who are decision-makers and those who have responsibility for resource management with optimizing your managerial effectiveness. This series features new "Management Development Workshops" on topics of special interest to be announced during the coming year, and a new course "Business Process Analysis and Re-Design." Additional offerings to support management development include the Management Skills Assessment Program and the Middle Management Advance.
We also want to acquaint you with other innovative courses as well as highlight changes we have made to existing series and services. One new course, "End-User Troubleshooting: Demystifying Software and 
     Hardware Problems," stems from the work of the Information Systems Technology Competencies Task Force, a group of customers convened by Staff Education and Development which has helped identify user needs and competencies. First-time offerings also include the "Human 
     Dimensions of Conflict:  Self-Care and Self-Discovery" and "Understanding and Preventing Workplace Violence."
Of special note to managers and supervisors are the changes in the Human Resource Management Certification Program and the creation of the Labor Relations Specialization. Those of you who wish to develop your supervisory potential, including those who are already work leaders, will be interested in the "Leader Development Laboratory" in the Communication and Leadership Series.
We are pleased to introduce you to the Learning Center Online which provides a window into the World Wide Web where you will find learning and development resources, links to other World Wide Web sites of interest to trainers in the workplace, as well as self-managed learning opportunities. You may locate the Learning Center Online by accessing InfoPath and selecting "Administrative," then "Human Resources and 
     Personnel," and then "Staff Education and Development." Or, you may enter the URL address "http://www-hr.ucsd.edu/online/staffedu/center/".
Lastly, to assist you in taking advantage of other learning opportunities in your workplace, you may now reserve online videos for loan or broadcast via the Video Request Service (VRS).
Beginning January 1, 1997 the Video Request Service (VRS) will become the exclusive means of enrollment for Staff Education and Development courses.
Please join Staff Education and Development in integrating learning into our day-to-day work.
Rogers Davis Lana Brenes Assistant Vice Chancellor - Director
Human Resources Staff Education and Development