Campus Notice
University of California, San Diego

October 1, 1996
On October 26, we will celebrate UCSD's first Homecoming. The event is a culmination of two years of planning and represents the beginning of a tradition. It will be an excellent opportunity for us to renew our commitment to each other, to share our intellectual resources, to remind ourselves of the critical role education and research plays in our lives, and to share with colleagues old and new what it means to be a part of UCSD.
Homecoming Festivities will welcome the community to campus and provide an opportunity to experience UCSD as the model for research universities of the twenty-first century. In addition, participants will hear from an impressive lineup of faculty members who will share their expertise. Included in the series are:
Sally Ride "UCSD and the Space Program" Russell Doolittle "Exploring Our Molecular Roots" Yen-Le Espiritu "Changing Demographics of Race Relations
                                  in California" Cecil Lytle "Chopin Boogiedown" Paul Pickowicz "What if Deng Xiaoping Dies Tomorrow?" Sam Popkin "Popkin on Politics" Paul Saltman "The Yang of Nutrition...The Yin of Food" Quincy Troupe "Poetry Readings of Quincy Troupe" Chris Wills "Safety in Diversity: How Diseases Help   
                                  Maintain the Richness of Tropical Rainforests"
Kent Wilson "Multimedia and Virtual Reality for Education" Marc Schuckit "Prediction of Alcoholism Ten Years       
                                  Later in 453 UCSD Students" Kurt Benirschke "Working in Noah's Ark: Preservation of         
                                  Endangered Species" The day will also include open houses throughout campus, art exhibitions, campus and library tours, athletic games and class reunions. A list of events and activities, including the required registration forms, are available from the Alumni Relations office. I encourage staff, faculty, students, parents and the greater San Diego community to join us.
As Chancellor I hope to launch an exciting new era of dynamic interaction across campus. UCSD must serve as a catalyst for collegiality and community values. It is this quality of working together that will sustain us in the future. I invite you to join me for Homecoming as we launch new traditions to carry forward into the next century.
Robert C.Dynes