University of California, San Diego

October 18, 1996
SUBJECT: Appointment of Michele L. Littrell
Ambulatory Services Operations Administrator
We are pleased to announce the appointment of Michele L. Littrell (nee
Bennett) to the new position of Ambulatory Services Operations
Administrator. This position will bring together the hospital clinics
and Medical Group clinical departments and is an important step in
effectively managing UCSD organizational units which have operated
separately or with little coordination in the past.
During her tenure as Manager of Clinical Operations for the Medical
Group, Ms. Littrell was instrumental in upgrading hiring
qualifications, developing and implementing appropriate policies and
procedures, and instituting consistent and efficient staffing
patterns. As Ambulatory Services Operations Administrator, Ms.
Littrell will be responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of
all ambulatory care service units within UCSD Healthcare including
UCSD hospital clinics and Medical Group outpatient clinical services.
Her specific responsibilities will include ensuring competent
leadership in units; fostering partnerships with physician team
leaders in units; monitoring budget performance; and developing
systems to improve patient flow and satisfaction.
Ms. Littrell will report to Tom DeMartino, Ambulatory Services
Director, and work closely with Dr. Charles Mittman, Medical Director
of the Medical Group, in carrying out her responsibilities. She is
assisted by Ms. Juanita Casanova and can be reached at 657-8506.
We are confident that Ms. Littrell's leadership skills and expertise
will provide a positive catalyst in advancing the integration and
enhancement of ambulatory services at UCSD. We ask that you join us
in welcoming Ms. Littrell to this new position and extending your full
support to her in this challenging and important new role.
David Coats
Brian Goodell
Charles Mittman