University of California, San Diego

October 30, 1996
SUBJECT: 1996-97 Salary Range Adjustment for Student Classes
(Assistant I - III)
In September you were notified of proposed salary range increases for the student classifications of Assistant I, II and III. These proposed increases were recently approved retroactive to October 1, 1996 (September 22 for students paid biweekly). Ranges have been increased by 2.0%, except for the minimum of the Assistant I range which was increased to comply with the recent legislation raising the federal minimum wage to $4.75/hour.
The new salary ranges are:
Assistant I $4.75 - $5.99/hour Assistant II $5.09 - $7.67/hour Assistant III $6.39 - $9.59/hour
These classifications have "By-Agreement" rates, therefore, individuals do not receive an automatic range adjustment unless an increase is required to bring their rate up to the minimum of the range established for the class. Student rates that were active in PPS as of 10/18/96, and set below the new range minimums shown above, were centrally adjusted to the new minimum retroactive to 10/1/96 (9/22/96 for students paid biweekly). The new rate of pay will be reflected in the 11/1/96 monthly and 10/30/96 biweekly paychecks. Retroactive earnings for students paid biweekly will be paid in a separate check on 11/6/96.
The rate paid to individuals in these classes may be adjusted within the range at the discretion of the department. The following criteria is provided to guide departments in determining the timing and amount of any increase they recommend:
A. The timing of increases should be in accordance with the local implementing procedure (HR-S-1) for Staff Personnel Policy 30, Salary, Section II C, Salary Increases for Casual-Restricted Positions; and
B. The increase may be any amount in terms of whole cents per hour and whole dollars per month up to an amount equaling a maximum of 4.0%.
If you have any questions regarding the above, you may contact
Judy Johnson at jjohnson@ucsd.edu, extension 40986, or Phyllis Walker at pfwalker@ucsd.edu, extension 46489.
Rogers Davis
Assistant Vice Chancellor -
Human Resources