University of California, San Diego

November 15, 1996
SUBJECT: Departmental Library Recharge Card Changes As explained in the message below, going out to the All-at-UCSD e-mail list this week, the UCSD Libraries will change vendors for copy services on January 1, 1997. Copy Data Technology (CDT, Inc.) is leaving, and UCSD Copier Services is taking on that role. New recharge cards will be issued beginning the week of December 16, 1996. This week Copier Services is mailing a list of all current CDT recharge card holders to respective MSO's for verification of authorized card holders and index numbers. Arrangements will be
made for delivery of new Copier Services recharge cards to MSO's for department distribution. Questions on this process should be directed to Gina Webb, UCSD Copier Services, x42377.
It will NOT be necessary for CDT recharge card holders to
return those cards. They will be unusable after December 30. Copy costs recharged with those CDT cards in December will appear in departments' January ledgers as usual.
Please note: current CDT Recharge Cards can be distinguished from Debit Cards by their color (front is gray with red arrow at right) and by the signature blank which appears on the back. Debit
cards have no signature blank on the back.
Campus Copier Services and UCSD Libraries Photocopy Team (names appear below)
Text of E-mail going to All-at-UCSD this week:
The Libraries' copy service vendor is changing. On January 1, 1997, UCSD Copier Services will become the vendor for copy services in all UCSD Libraries.
CDT debit cards will not be accepted in UCSD Library Photocopiers, Laser Printers or Microform Printers after
DECEMBER 30, 1996
Most library users probably will want to retain their debit cards until the end of the quarter to be able to make photocopies without cash. At that point, however, if you anticipate that you will
have a balance remaining on your CDT Debit Copy Card after December 30, 1996, you should:
* Obtain a refund at the CDT Office in Geisel Library on or
before December 30, 1996. The CDT Office is open for refunds 2:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m., Monday - Friday and on one Saturday (only): December 7, 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Please note that all UCSD Libraries except the Biomedical Library will be closed on December 31.
* Or, plan to use your existing balance after December 31,
1996 at one of these locations:
Chabot College; Chula Vista Public Libraries; DeAnza College Golden Gate University; Irvine Valley College; Miracosta College; Miramar College; Ohlone College; Saddleback Community College; San Diego City College; San Diego County Law Library; San Diego Mesa College; Southwestern College; University of Southern California; University of California, Berkeley
Due to security concerns, cash refunds are available only at the CDT Office in Geisel Library.
Holders of CDT recharge cards must also obtain new cards by the end of Fall Quarter. Campus departmental business officers will be contacted shortly to arrange for new recharge cards.
More information about planned changes and improvements in the Libraries' copy services will be forthcoming. The transition is being coordinated by the Library Photocopy Team (COPYTEAM@novman.ucsd.edu), Jacqueline Hanson (x41278), Paul Leverenz, Beverly Renford, Susan Starr and Ginny Steel, working with Larry Fox and Gina Webb of UCSD Copier Services.
Gerald R. Lowell
University Librarian and
Associate Vice Chancellor -
Academic Information Technology