University of California, San Diego

December 26, 1996
As some of you may know, I recently joined UCSD as the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Administrative Computing and Telecommunications (ACT). One of my first tasks was to review ACT's organizational structure and to make the necessary changes in order to position our organization for optimal delivery of services to the campus community.
After reviewing the current status and consulting with ACT stakeholders and staff, I have decided to make some changes which will be effective as of January 6, 1997. The new organization chart is available for viewing on our Web site at:
Some of the key changes include:
- The Telecommunications and Wide Area Network units will be combined into one entity which will be directed by David Walker. Bob Clay will be the Assistant Director for Operations of that entity. Given the dramatic changes in technology, we expect that voice, data, wireless, and video services will soon become much more integrated. This organizational change will allow ACT to better prepare for the future from both quality and cost-effectiveness of services.
- A dedicated Network Operating System consulting support (e.g., Novell, Windows NT) position will be re-established as part of the Planning function of the Telecommunications and Wide Area Network unit.
- The Training team, headed by Dan Rinkert, will now report to Mary Vlassis who is the Director of our Systems unit. This will allow for improved coordination and quality of our training activities.
- The Help Desk and Customer Assistance groups will be combined into one Help Desk unit headed by Debbe Simmons. Our Help Desk is the primary contact point with our clients for reporting problems (e.g., telephones, computing), receiving assistance, and requesting changes. The consolidation of the two units will provide for enhanced coverage and service consistency for the campus community.
- The ACT Budget & Finance functions will be consolidated in order to provide a more consistent and streamlined financial process within ACT. This unit will be headed by John Lowry.
If you would like additional information about ACT and its structure, please feel free to contact me by phone (x43396) or by e-mail (eharel@ucsd.edu). I would also greatly appreciate receiving your positive :) or negative :( feedback on the quality and effectiveness of our services.
I hope that these changes will allow ACT to provide you with even better services as the campus continues to grow and as the information technology industry continues to evolve.
Thank you.
Elazar C. Harel
Assistant Vice Chancellor