University of California, San Diego

SUBJECT:	Report of the Tenth Campus Academic Planning Committee
The report of the Academic Planning Committee for the Tenth UC Campus (which was recently named UC Merced) has been sent for comment to the nine divisions of the Academic Senate, four systemwide Senate committees, and the California Postsecondary Education Commission. The report is also available on the World Wide Web, and "interested Californians" have been invited to send their views on the committee's recommendations to the Office of the President.
The report makes recommendations to President Atkinson and to those who will be the founding administration and faculty of the tenth campus on such vital matters as academic and research programs, student life, and the role of technology in all elements of the campus and its educational community. The plan speaks to a range of goals and initiatives that will enhance the quality of the tenth campus as a university of the 21st century, including a premium on cooperation among tenth campus faculty from diverse disciplines and between the campus and other UC campuses, California State Universities, California Community Colleges, and K-12.
This report has been sent for review to four committees of the San Diego Division, and the Senate Council will consider the tenth campus academic plan in early February. I believe that many of you will find the report interesting reading. The report makes several favorable references to the results of the plans for the founding of UCSD. You can find the report at this World Wide Web address:
This is probably the only opportunity in a lifetime to provide input to the formation of a new campus of the University of California. Comments on the report are invited and may be sent to the following addresses:
Vice Provost Carol Tomlinson-Keasey Academic Initiatives, 18th Floor
300 Lakeside Drive
Oakland, CA 94612
or via e-mail:	newuc@ucop.edu
A copy to the San Diego Academic Senate Office would be appreciated.
Darrell D. Fanestil, Chair
Academic Senate, San Diego Division