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Office of the Assistant Vice Chancellor -
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January 28, 1998
SUBJECT: Temporary Employment Services Point of Contact
Effective February 17, 1998, Temporary Employment Services (TES) will become the point of contact for all temporary staff needs on the UCSD campus. Thus, all requests for temporary help will need to be made via TES by calling 534-4604. The new process is being implemented to ensure that consistent service standards are provided in placing all temporary staff help and to ensure that UCSD is in compliance with its Affirmative Action obligations as a federal contractor. Additionally, the new service model will enable TES to verify that a thorough screening process has been conducted on each prospective employee.
The process for requesting a temporary employee will require just one phone call to TES. In the event TES cannot fill a job request or if a department is interested in using an external temporary service, the TES Placement Coordinator will remain the contact for the job request. TES will follow up with the outside agency for status information, relaying the information back to the requesting department. Once a temporary employee is designated for assignment, TES will ensure that the individual has been thoroughly screened and is qualified for the position and that "good faith" Affirmative Action efforts are made.
To help support the TES effort and the campus' need for qualified temporary personnel, UCSD has established favorable agreements with two local external temporary agencies. These agencies were selected as a result of a competitive solicitation which included detailed specifications to ensure excellent services. One of the conditions of our new contracts specifies that the agencies comply with the Express Order method of ordering and billing. As such, when departments place an order for temporary employee services with TES, an index number and buyer code will be requested.
While TES will be processing the orders for all temporary personnel, Purchasing will be monitoring these contracts and is ultimately responsible for contract compliance. Questions regarding personnel availability and personnel issues should be directed to Kim Ayoub, Manager, TES, at 534-3518 or via electronic mail to kayoub@ucsd.edu. Questions that are contractual in nature should be directed to Kaye Cavanaugh at 534-6286 or via electronic mail to kcavanaugh@ucsd.edu. For further information regarding the new temporary employment service model, visit the TES web site at:
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