University of California, San Diego

February 23, 1998
SUBJECT; Thornton Administrator Appointed
We are pleased to announce the appointment of MR. PAUL J. HENSLER as the new Administrator of the Thornton Hospital effective April 1, 1998.
Mr. Hensler has over 15 years of hospital administration experience and most recently served as Chief Executive Officer of Sutter Lakeside Hospital in Lakeport, California for six years. Prior to this position, Mr. Hensler played an instrumental role in the startup of the Doheny Eye Institute at the University of Southern California and, before that, was Vice President of Program Development at the 400-bed Connor Hospital in San Jose where he was responsible for planning, program development, marketing and public relations. Paul comes very highly recommended by his Board, managers and physicians at Lakeside as well as by his superiors at the Sutter corporate offices. He is credited with turning the hospital's finances around from a loss in his first year and keeping it profitable during his entire tenure. He also led the development of a comprehensive strategic planning process along with the physicians and the Board of the hospital, and guided the organization toward its current expanded facilities and programs.
We would like to thank Molly B. LaCroix for her interim leadership at Thornton and recognize her many accomplishments, including bringing stability and growth, which earned her the respect and support of both physicians and staff. Molly will return to her former position and will focus her attentions, as a member of the Medical Center's Senior Management Team, on coordinating the Medical Center's part of achieving improvements in access, enhancing our customer service, and improving the quality of our work environment.
We are also grateful to the Thornton physicians and staff who have been very supportive and cooperative during this extended period of interim leadership. And, finally, we would like to thank the numerous individuals who participated very conscientiously in the interview process for this recruitment.
Please join us in welcoming Paul Hensler to UCSD, and in thanking Molly LaCroix for her contributions.
KENT B. SHERWOOD SUMIYO E. KASTELIC Chief Executive Officer Director
UCSD Healthcare UCSD Medical Center