Univesity of California, San Diego

February 24, 1998
SUBJECT: Implementation of K-12 Outreach Proposal, CREATE
CREATE Director and Governing Council
The establishment of a Center for Research on Educational Equity, Assessment, and Teaching Excellence (CREATE) was recommended by the K-12 Outreach Task force and approved by the Academic Senate last Fall Quarter. Accordingly, I am taking the first step toward instituting CREATE by appointing Paul Drake, Dean of Social Sciences and professor of Political Science, to serve as Interim Director. In this capacity, Drake will report to me and will oversee the various activities assigned to CREATE as well as lead the search for a permanent director. He will be assisted by Professor Hugh Mehan, who will serve as a temporary Associate Director. Mehan is a professor of Sociology and the director of the Teacher Education Program. Edward Lopez, the new K-12 Outreach Coordinator, will also report to Interim Director Drake.
The Task Force proposal calls for a Governing Council to coordinate and guide the activities of the various components of CREATE, which include outreach, research, partnerships with schools, a model school, teacher training, and assessment. I am very pleased to announce the appointment of the inaugural Governing Council of CREATE:
Mark Appelbaum, Psychology
Nathaniel Beck, Political Science
Eustacio Benitez, Director Early Academic Outreach Program Michael Cole, Communication
Ramon Gutierrez, Associate Chancellor
Cecil Lytle, Provost Thurgood Marshall College Tanya Luhrmann, Anthropology
Arzo Mansury, Associated Students
Katynka Martinez, Graduate Students Association
David Miller, Associate Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs Phillip Nader, Pediatrics
Vivian Reznik, Pediatrics
Ned Smith, Executive Director Birch Aquarium Randall Souviney, Teacher Education Program
Mary Walshok, Associate Vice Chancellor Extended Studies Joseph Watson, Vice Chancellor Student Affairs
Gabriele Wienhausen, Biology
CREATE Associate Director Mehan and Outreach Coordinator Lopez will serve as ex officio members of the Governing Council, which will be chaired by Interim Director Drake.
I urge you to join me in thanking Dean Drake, Professor Mehan and the members of the Governing Council for contributing their time and talent to CREATE, an undertaking that I believe will put UCSD in a leadership role in the University of California's outreach efforts and will, in the long run, bring significant benefits both to the San Diego community and to UCSD.
Model School Steering Committee
In addition to establishing CREATE, I have followed up on the Academic Senate's endorsement of the K-12 Outreach Task Force's proposal by appointing a Steering Committee to develop plans for the establishment of a UCSD Model School. Peter Gourevitch, Professor of Political Science and International Relations/Pacific Studies, has agreed to chair the committee, and Cecil Lytle, Provost of Thurgood Marshall College, will serve as Vice Chairman.
The other members of the steering committee are the following:
Lawrence Friedman, Pediatrics
Susan Kirkpatrick, Associate Chancellor
James Langley, Vice Chancellor Development and University Relations Hugh Mehan, Sociology, Teacher Education Program
David Miller, Associate Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs Marta Sanchez, Literature
Stefan Tanaka, History
Joseph Watson, Vice Chancellor Student Affairs
John Woods, Vice Chancellor Resource Management and Planning	Daniel Wulbert, Mathematics
The steering committee will advise me about strategies for successfully establishing on campus and under charter school legislation a middle and high school that will prepare educationally underserved students for competitive admissibility to first-tier colleges or universities. I have asked the steering committee to prepare a plan covering the programmatic, legal, governance, and budgetary aspects of the project. The plan should describe the facilities and staff required, as well as the
principal funding opportunities and/or limitations. If, after review, funding opportunities are deemed sufficient to meet the requirements for a successful school, the steering committee's role will end with the establishment of an official school governance structure.
I hope you will join me in thanking Professor Gourvevitch, Provost Lytle, and the members of the Model School Steering Committee for their willingness to serve the campus and the community in this endeavor.
Robert C. Dynes