University of California, San Diego

Office of the Assistant Vice Chancellor -
Human Resources
February 24, 1998
SUBJECT: Staff Education and Development Traineeship Program
The Staff Education and Development division of the Human Resources Department is pleased to announce that the Traineeship Program has been funded for fiscal year 1997-1998. The Traineeship Program offers the opportunity to compete for selection to participate in carefully planned on-the-job training opportunities. The goal of the Traineeship Program is to enhance an individual's competitiveness for the next feasible job goal upon completion of the traineeship.
The Traineeship Program is an employee development program designed to promote diversity at UCSD. Applicants who meet selection criteria will be considered without regard to gender or ethnicity.
Employees who have identified the objective classification listed below as their next feasible job goal and who have their supervisor's approval to participate may be eligible to compete for the Traineeship Program. All those who wish to be considered for participation in this program must submit an application.
This year, the Traineeship Program targets the following objective classification:
Senior Administrative Analyst
If you have identified this objective classification as your next feasible job goal, you may be interested in applying for the Traineeship Program.
The major criteria for selection to participate in the Traineeship Program are:
you are a career status employee past your probationary period;
your current position is campus funded;
you propose a high-quality and feasible traineeship plan;
you demonstrate that the benefits of a short-term, individually-designed traineeship would significantly advance your progress toward achieving your next feasible job goal; and
your home department otherwise could not provide such training because of insufficient resources.
When Staff Education and Development receives applications for the Traineeship Program, the program coordinator initiates the screening phase, feasibility assessment, and subsequent proposal development of selected applications. In consultation with the director of Staff Education and Development and the appropriate representative of Human Resources Staffing Services, a selected application is developed into a proposal which specifically delineates a training plan that includes short-term job goal, objectives, activities, training standards and schedule. After approval by all departments involved in the agreement and plan implementation, the proposal is presented to the Staff Affirmative Action Training Program Committee. Implementation of an individual traineeship proposal is contingent upon the committee's endorsement.
If you are interested in the Traineeship Program, please complete the Traineeship Program Application below and return it to Staff Education and Development, mail code 0922, by Friday, March 20. If you need additional information about the Traineeship Program please contact Linda Veliz, Traineeship Program Coordinator, Staff Education and Development, at extension 44890.
Rogers Davis
Assistant Vice Chancellor -
Human Resources
Staff Education and Development
Traineeship Program Application
The information requested below is critical to assessing effectively your application to Staff Education and Development's Traineeship Program. Please respond to the questions specifically and in detail so that an accurate assessment can be made.
Complete and return this application to Linda Veliz, Traineeship Program Coordinator, Staff Education and Development, 0922, by Friday, March 20. All materials submitted must be typed.
If you have any questions, contact Linda Veliz, Traineeship Program Coordinator, Staff Education and Development, extension 44890.
Extension _______ Mail Code ________ Internet Email Address_______________
Salary Step/Grade _______ Length of Service at Current Classification________
Supervisor's Name_________________________________________________________
1. To what short-term job classification do you aspire (your short-term job goal)?
2. Why do you aspire to that short-term job classification?
3. To what long-term job classification do you aspire (your long-term job goal)?
4. Why do you aspire to that long-term job classification?
1. Describe in detail you current job duties. Or, attach a copy of your current job description.
1. Describe in detail your work history over the past five years. Include dates of employment, job classification, and functions and duties. In addition to the information you provide below, you may attach your resume.
Dates of
Employment Job Classification Functions and Duties ---------- ------------------ --------------------
1. In what developmental activities have you participated over the past five years and how have you applied at work what you've learned through those activities? Please list seminars, workshops, training courses, etc.
Sponsoring How Have You Applied
Year Organization Activity at Work What You Learned? ---- ------------ -------- -------------------------
2. What additional developmental activities do you need to pursue in support of your short-term job goal?
3. What is your plan and time frame for completing these additional developmental activities?
1. What exact skills and knowledge do you propose to acquire through a traineeship which would support your becoming competitive for your short-term job goal?
2. Keeping in mind your short-term job goal and the supporting skills and knowledge that you propose to acquire through a traineeship, where on campus would be the most appropriate placement for you to acquire those skills and knowledge?
3. What progress have you made toward identifying and contacting someone to be your trainer?
1. List any degrees, licenses or certifications that you have earned and the programs/organizations from which you earned them, as well as any degrees, licenses or certifications which are currently in progress.
Year Degree/License/Certification Program/Organization ---- ---------------------------- --------------------
2. In addition to what you've listed above, list any continuing education course work that you have pursued within the past five years.
Year Continuing Education/Course work Sponsoring Organization ---- -------------------------------- -----------------------
3. What additional education/course work do you need to pursue in support of the short-term job goal you have identified?
4. What is your plan and time frame for completing the additional education?
Write a brief statement explaining why you should be chosen to participate in the traineeship program. Include in your statement how your work history, developmental activities, proposed traineeship and educational background support the short-term job goal that you have identified.
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