University of California, San Diego

Office of Alumni Relations
April 1, 1998
SUBJECT: Alumni Association Award Recipients for 1998	I am pleased to announce the recipients of the 1998 Alumni Association Awards for Excellence. Don Eigler, B.A. 77, Ph.D. 83, an experimental physicist, has been selected to receive the Outstanding Alumnus Award. Eigler electrified the world of science when he literally wrote the letters AIBM@ with individual xenon atoms on a metal surface. His elegant experiments have advanced our ability to manipulate small units of matter.
Rodey Batiza, Ph.D. 78 will be presented the Professional Achievement Award. Batiza received his degree in earth sciences from SIO and has gone on to gain international stature in research on the earth's mid-ocean ridges, the globe-encircling rift system where new crust is created. Batiza is widely recognized as a world leader in research that addresses this fundamental phenomenon of earth's geologic evolution.
Paul Pickowicz, professor of history, will be honored for Distinguished Teaching. Highly recommended by his peers and former students, Professor Pickowicz combines the qualities of a remarkably talented and accomplished scholar with those of the adroit and deeply committed mentor and teacher. Pickowicz is recognized as a program builder for Chinese Studies, for East Asian history, and for the History Department as a whole. He was also instrumental in the successful effort that secured Title VI funding from the U.S. Department of Education for East Asia studies on campus.
Wayne Akeson, M.D., will receive the Distinguished Service to the University Award for his commitment and service to the School of Medicine. A recipient of the highest awards possible in the orthopaedic community, Akeson was the first Division Chief of Orthopaedics when the UCSD School of Medicine opened. He has served as acting Chair of the Department of Surgery and Acting Dean of the medical school. The University recognized his efforts and work in creating an academically and clinically superb Division of Orthopaedic Surgery, which under his guidance became a department of the School of Medicine in 1991.
Monroe Trout, medical doctor, lawyer, and pharmaceutical research director, will be recognized as an Honorary Alumnus for the services he has rendered to the University as chair of the UC San Diego Board of Trustees. During his tenure as head of the foundation, he increased the number of endowed chairs on campus from 42 to 63. Trout and his wife Sandra endowed two chairs themselves, one in pharmacology and one in surgery. Trout has also served on the boards of advisors of the UCSD Medical Center, the UCSD Thornton Hospital, and the Connect Steering Committee.
These recipients and outstanding senior students will be honored on Saturday evening, June 13, at the Awards for Excellence Gala at the Birch Aquarium. Participation of faculty, staff, students and the greater San Diego community is welcome. For an invitation or more information on the gala, contact the Alumni Relations Office at 534-3900. Bernie Farrow
Executive Director
Alumni Relations