University of California, San Diego

April 6, 1998
SUBJECT:	Report of the Diversity Commission
Last spring, in response to a changing legal environment, I appointed a Commission with broad UCSD student, staff and faculty representation to advise me on issues related to diversity. I urged the new Diversity Commission to engage in wide-ranging discussions about affirmative action and diversity programs at UCSD, and asked for their recommendations for "discarding ineffective programs, and 
enhancing or creating programs and strategies that will enable UCSD 
productively to pursue its commitment to excellence and diversity." The final Report of the Diversity Commission has reached me and I want now to share it with the larger campus community. A copy of the Diversity Commission's original charge and final Report can be found at the following address: http://www.ucsd.edu/diversity or it may be accessed from the main page of InfoPath, UCSD's home page at www.ucsd.edu.
The Diversity Commission undertook its work with the understanding that the statements and recommendations in its Report would be reviewed by campus counsel to assure that any recommendations implemented will be in full compliance with federal and state law, and with Regents' Resolutions SP-1 and SP-2. This review process is currently underway. I have also asked appropriate members of the administration to provide me with data about programs identified in the Report, to analyze the cost implications of its recommendations, and to ascertain how the recommendations respond to the University's most pressing needs and concerns.
I want to thank the Diversity Commission's members for the time and thoughtfulness they have given to this effort. I welcome your written comments and responses to the Report. I am confident that together we can make UCSD a more diverse, tolerant, and welcoming community.
Robert C. Dynes