University of California, San Diego

April 7, 1998
SUBJECT:	Credit Card Acceptance for Gifts to UCSD
The UCSD Gift Processing Department is pleased to announce that we can
now accept and process Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit
cards payments for gifts to the Regents. This service already exists
for gifts to the UC San Diego Foundation.
For many donors, the convenience of using a credit card is beneficial.
However, accepting charges by mail order and telephone involves a
greater risk of fraud and cardmember dispute. Caution should be
exercised when soliciting and processing credit cards. The following
guidelines are provided to assist departments with processing credit
card gifts to the Regents:
1. Complete the Gift/Private Grant Acceptance Form (U-DEV 100) as usual and include the following:
a.	Name as it appears on the Card.
b.	Card account number.
Visa account numbers start with a "4" and have a minimum of 13 numbers and a maximum of 16 numbers.
MasterCard account numbers start with a "5" and have a total of 16 numbers. American Express account numbers start with a "3" and have a total of 15 numbers.
c. Beginning date and expiration date on the Card
(valid dates).
d. American Express Only - Card Identification
Number (CID). The CID is the 4-digit number printed, not
embossed, on the face of the American Express Card. This CID is used to
help control fraud. The CID is printed just above and to the right
of the embossed number.
e.	Home/Business address associated with the card billing.
f.	Home/Business phone associated with the card billing.
g.	Phone number where the Cardmember can be reached
(if different from the home or business phone).
h.	Type "Telephone Order" or "Mail Order" (as appropriate).
2. Attach appropriate gift solicitation correspondence and forward
to Gift Processing, 0940 for verification and submission for payment.
Please note that along with the 4% gift fee assessed by the university,
there is also a credit card processing fee assessed by the card service
provider (approximately 2%). Both of the fees are recovered from the
We hope this service proves to be useful and that you will bring this
notice to the attention of those individuals in your department involved
with gift administration. At the end of a six-month trial period, we
will evaluate this service to determine whether it is cost-effective or
if it should be discontinued.
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to
contact us at 534-4493.
Marlene D. Shaver