University of California, San Diego

April 27, 1998
SUBJECT: Appointments in Academic Affairs
I am delighted to welcome two new members of the Academic Affairs staff.
Effective June 1, Debbie McGraw will join Academic Affairs as the Assistant
Vice Chancellor, Resource Administration. Debbie, who has been the
Assistant Dean for Fiscal Affairs in the School of Medicine for thirteen
years, brings with her both a depth and breadth of fiscal, administrative
and management experience. The quality of her service and leadership in
the SOM has earned her an outstanding reputation across the entire University.
Debbie earned her B.A. at the University of Notre Dame and her M.A. at the
University of Denver. Before coming to UCSD's School of Medicine in 1985,
she worked for the State of Colorado Office of Planning and Budgeting as a
Policy and Budget Analyst and at the University of Colorado School of
Medicine as Assistant Dean for Administration and Finance. Here at UCSD,
she has been responsible for resource planning and allocation for the
School of Medicine with a track record for integrity and top-quality
As the Assistant Vice Chancellor, Resource Administration, Debbie will
serve as the senior resource administrator for Academic Affairs. She will
be responsible for the preparation and management of an operating budget of
approximately $160 million, oversee management and planning for capital
program resources, and be a key participant in strategic planning to meet
the short- and long-range educational goals of the General Campus.
Bonnie Horstmann will join Academic Affairs as the Director of Program
Planning on May 4. Bonnie will provide staff support to me, Associate Dean
Dave Miller and faculty administrators in the formulation, appraisal and
execution of new programs and initiatives. She will assist with academic
planning studies and serve on management and program review committees. Bonnie has, for the last four years, provided outstanding service and
leadership as the Manager of the Academic Senate Office. This service will
prove invaluable in her new position where she will be a liaison to the
Academic Senate on the development and review of new academic initiatives.
Bonnie also spent twenty-one years in the Department of Physics where she
managed the undergraduate and graduate affairs offices. Bonnie's work
experience is complemented by a B.B.A. degree in Business Administration
and a Secondary Teaching Certification from Lamar University in Beaumont,
Please join me in welcoming both Debbie and Bonnie to Academic Affairs.
Marsha A. Chandler
Senior Vice Chancellor
Academic Affairs