University of California, San Diego

May 22, 1998
SUBJECT: Audio-Visual Computer Workshop
On Friday, May 29th, from 8:30am to 10am, AV Services will be holding a special workshop in Center Hall 214. We will be focusing primarily on the use of computer equipment
in presentations. Now you can see "up close and personal" the equipment that you order and how it is used. To all of you who have ever placed (or will soon begin placing) computer
orders on the A-V web-requisition system, this workshop is recommended. Center Hall 214 is one of the nine Center Hall lecture halls that are
equipped with Macintosh computers Windows NT computers and video/graphics
projectors. Come and see how this equipment works and how to create a
complete computer request for any location on campus. You will also see how a laptop computer attaches to a color computer
projection panel which, when placed on a special overhead, projects the
mage onto a wall screen. Learn what a computer graphics projector is and
how it works. Look closely at the difference between an enhanced
performance overhead and a metal halide overhead projector. If you have ever been confused about computer equipment or how to place
an A-V web-requisition for a computer job, you won't want to miss this
event! Mark your calendar now and join us for delicious pastries, coffee,
orange juice and valuable information. You'll be glad you came! Please RSVP by May 27 to kknode@ucsd.edu.
Tina Rynard
Assistant Director