University of California, San Diego

SUBJECT: Appointment of Dean, Graduate School of International Relations
and Pacific Studies
C. Peter Timmer, Thomas D. Cabot Professor of Development Studies at
Harvard University, has been appointed dean of the Graduate School of
International Relations and Pacific Studies (IR/PS) at the University of
California, San Diego (UCSD). A leading economist in the fields of
agricultural economics and development economics, Timmer brings to IR/PS an
international reputation as a research scholar and an inspiring teacher, as
well as an exemplary record of public service as a policy advisor on food
and development issues in East and Southeast Asia. His current research
focuses on links between a country's political and economic structure and
the degree to which the poor connect to the development process.
"Timmer's background and interest in the Pacific region position him
perfectly to lead IR/PS into the 21st century," said UCSD Chancellor
Robert C. Dynes. "His wide experience will benefit all university
constituents - students, faculty, and supporters in the public and private
sectors, in the United States and abroad."
Timmer, whose appointment will begin August 1, 1998, will become the third
dean of IR/PS since its founding in 1986. "This is an incredible time to
be joining IR/PS," Timmer said. "East and Southeast Asia's economies are in
the midst of deep structural reforms, with political systems under
challenge throughout the region.  Latin America is finally realizing the
benefits from similar wrenching changes over the past two decades, but
connecting the poor to economic growth in these societies has proven
difficult. IR/PS is uniquely situated and endowed with faculty to reflect
on these challenges and offer its students an innovative and effective, but
most importantly, a deeply informed, professional training.  I am simply
delighted to be joining this faculty and university."	Since returning to Harvard in 1977, Timmer has taught in four separate
faculties of the University, including the Economics Department in the
Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the Department of Nutrition in the School of
Public Health, the Graduate School of Business Administration, and the
Kennedy School of Government. He is also a faculty fellow in the Harvard
Institute for International Development. Prior to joining the faculty at
Harvard, Timmer held tenured professorships at Stanford University and
Cornell University. Timmer earned his Ph.D. in economics, as well as his
M.A. and A.B., from Harvard.
Timmer has served as an advisor to the Governments of Indonesia, Vietnam,
China, and the Philippines, in the areas of agricultural policy and
economic development. He was awarded the Bintang Jasa Utama (Highest Merit
Star) by the President of Indonesia in 1992. His work is among the most
cited in the agricultural economics community, and he is widely recognized
as the most prominent economist studying Indonesia. In 1984, he received
the American Agricultural Economics Association's award for professional
excellence in quality of communication for Food Policy Analysis. In
addition to numerous articles, he is the author of the internationally
acclaimed book, Getting Prices Right: The Scope and Limits of Agricultural
Price Policy. His work has been widely reprinted and translated throughout
East and Southeast Asia.
"Peter Timmer is an enormously talented individual," said Marsha A.
Chandler, senior vice chancellor for academic affairs at UCSD. "I am
confident he will provide wonderful and inspired leadership." Timmer
succeeds Richard Feinberg, who assumed the directorship of the Asia Pacific
Economic Cooperation Studies Center in 1997, and Peter Gourevitch, the
founding dean of the Graduate School. Interim Dean Miles Kahler will
return to his research and teaching activities. Established in 1986,
UCSD's Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies
(IR/PS) is the University of California's only professional school of
international affairs. The school focuses on the economic, political, and
business relations of the Americas and the Asia-Pacific region. More
information on the graduate school can be found at its web site at:
http://www-irps.ucsd.edu. Marsha A. Chandler
Senior Vice Chancellor
Academic Affairs