University of California, San Diego

September 1, 1998
ALL AT UCSD (Campus and Healthcare Employees)
SUBJECT: Proposed 1998-99 Staff Salary Plan
As you probably are aware, on August 21, 1998, the Governor signed the
1998-99 State budget, which includes funding for UC staff salaries. Based on the budget action, UCSD proposes the following 1998-99 salary plans for UC staff employees.
For non-exclusively represented employees in the merit-based pay plan, the fund pool available for merit increases--a combination of range adjustment and merit funds--would be 4%, effective October 1, 1998. The salary range minimums and maximums for merit-based pay plans would be adjusted by 2% effective October 1. Funding at the level of a 2% general increase (range adjustment) for eligible employees in flat-rated or step-based salary plans would be effective October 1, 1998. Funding for staff incentive awards would continue to be available in
1998-99. Information regarding UCSD's incentive award program will be
provided in a separate communication.
For exclusively represented staff, salary actions are subject to the terms of existing collective bargaining agreements and/or to meeting and conferring in accordance with the Higher Education Employer-Employee
Relations Act (HEERA), as appropriate. Campus employees with questions or comments may contact Judy Johnson at
extension 40986 or via electronic mail at jjohnson@ucsd.edu. Healthcare
employees may contact Ann Skinner at 220-5089 or via SYSM at AMR1@UCSDMC.
Comments to this proposal are due no later than Wednesday, September 30,
1998. In an attempt to avoid retroactivity, merit recommendations for
non-exclusively represented employees are now being collected based upon
this proposal. However, final approval will not be granted until the
conclusion of this comment period.
Rogers Davis
Assistant Vice Chancellor -
Human Resources