University of California, San Diego

October 12, 1998
ALL AT UCSD (Including Medical Centers)
SUBJECT: Commencement Speaker Selection Committee
A committee has been formed to advise the chancellor on a
commencement speaker for an all-campus UCSD graduation in June 1999.
The committee, chaired by Vice Chancellor James M. Langley,
includes student, faculty, staff and alumni representatives. The formation of the committee was recommended last June as a vehicle for providing campus input to the chancellor on commencement speakers. It is hoped that the committee can provide a short list of candidates to the chancellor by the end of the month.
Students wishing to provide input on the commencement speaker selection may contact one of the student representatives listed
below no later than Oct. 20. Other members of the campus community can send their nominations or suggestions via campus mail or e-mail to Pat Carson, External Relations, Mail Code 0059 or pcarson@ucsd.edu.
Appointed as student representatives were Joe Leventhal,
Associated Student president, jleventh@ucsd.edu; Katynka Martinez,
Graduate Student Association president, kmartinez@ucsd.edu; David
Fitzgerald, Revelle College, dfitzgerald@ucsd.edu; Nicole Hogan, Warren College, nhogan@ucsd.edu; Eduardo Zaldivar, Thurgood Marshall College, ezaldiva@weber.ucsd.edu; Erica Hannickel, Muir College,
ehannick@ucsd.edu; and Brian Thygesen, Eleanor Roosevelt College,
Others representatives include: Tom Bond, Provost, Revelle
College; David Jordan, Provost, Warren College; Barbara Sawrey,
Department of Chemistry, and Tim McDaniel, Department of Sociology,
faculty representatives; Chrystal Basil, Warren College student affairs, staff representative; and Kevin Forrester, representing alumni.
I look forward to receiving your nominations.
James M. Langley
Vice Chancellor-External Relations