University of California, San Diego

October 21, 1998
SUBJECT: Early Index Inactivation Process
The Early Index Inactivation (EII) application is another Sponsored Project Excellence Achieved through Redesign (SPEAR) project developed by the SPEAR Early Index Inactivation Team. It is designed to assist departments in keeping expenditures within budgeted allocations for sponsored project activities. In our operating environment, expenditures originate at many sites from
numerous functions. The financial systems do not confirm funding
availability for an expenditure's cited fund source. Consequently, the departments must follow up with corrective actions to transfer excessive costs to an acceptable funding source. The EII application is now available and provides departments the means to restrict expenditures on a sponsored project that is or close to exceeding the funded allocation. This is achieved by the entry of an Early Index Inactivation Date (EIID) to the IFIS Chart of Accounts (COA) for a sponsored project's Index Number. Department personnel will use the INDEXCPY screen in IFIS to achieve these entries. Once the EIID is entered, IFIS filters out the following transaction types with dates that exceed the EIID: new payroll distribution lines, new purchase order entries, and recharges in both online data entry and batch processes. The EIID edit will occur at the point of entry so that an appropriate funding source can be determined immediately. Recharge units will need to access the Data Warehouse daily to update their operating systems for index numbers with an EII date. Requests for goods or services will have to be validated by index number for an assigned EII date prior to processing the order.
The following BFS General Accounting Web site provides the related
policies, procedures, instructions and examples for this process.
If you have questions regarding this process, please contact Miles Bowler at mailto:mbowler@ucsd.edu or extension 2-1808.
Miles L. Bowler
SPEAR Project Administrator
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Mary Hart	Minerva Nelson
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