University of California, San Diego

October 26, 1998
SUBJECT: Reappointment of Staff Retirees
Reappointment of staff retirees to UC employment should be processed in
accordance with UC reemployment criteria, and must comply with requirements as outlined in University of California Retirement Plan (UCRP) Regulations and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) guidelines. Reappointment procedures which adhere to these provisions have been established and are effective immediately for members who have elected retirement and who subsequently wish to return to UC service.
Individuals who are UCRP annuitants may be reappointed to any staff
position at an appointment level that does not include eligibility for
participation in UCRP. Such an appointment cannot average more than 49
percent time over a 12 month period. A reappointment level of 50 percent
or more for 12 months or more is classified as a career eligible position
and thus necessitates that a member suspend receipt of monthly UCRP
retirement income payments for the duration of the appointment. UCRP
members may not concurrently be in status as an active member and as an
annuitant of the plan.
UCRP Regulation 5.15 Reinstatement provisions require a minimum 90 day
separation from service or receipt of the first retirement income payment,
whichever occurs first, before the effective date of rehire. This
provision is designed to prevent in-service retirement plan distributions
as required by IRS guidelines. Retired members who are reappointed to UC
service must meet this eligibility requirement. Retiree reinstatement
appointment and eligibility provisions are summarized as follows:
I.	Eligibility Conditions:
-Retiree must be in receipt of first annuitant payment or have 90 days
separation from service, whichever occurs first.
II.	Reappointment Conditions:
-Casual appointments that are 50 percent or greater and longer than six
months must be reviewed by Human Resources and approved as recruitment
-Casual appointments that are less than 50 percent may be processed without
review by Human Resources if the appointments do not exceed 12 months.
Casual appointments at 50 percent or greater that are less than six months
also may be processed without review by Human Resources.
III.	Subsequent Reappointments
-All appointment extensions or subsequent reappointments must be reviewed
and approved by Human Resources before the transaction can be entered into
the Payroll Personnel System (PPS).
-Subsequent reappointment at 50 percent or more for longer than six months
must be reviewed and approved by the respective Vice Chancellor or designee
before submitting to Human Resources.
Questions regarding these reappointment procedures may be referred to Pat
Wong, Manager of Employment and Staffing Services at extension 42820 or
e-mail pwong@ucsd.edu.
Rogers Davis
Assistant Vice Chancellor -
Human Resources