University of California, San Diego

November 3, 1998
SUBJECT: Management Fellowship Program
We are pleased to announce that UCSD has received funding for a
management fellowship for the 1998-99 year. The Management Fellowship
Program this year will be offered in the External Relations area under
the direction of the Executive Director for Development of Major Gifts.
We expect that the fellowship may begin approximately December 15,
1998 and continue for a period of approximately one year.
The objectives of the Management Fellowship Program are to provide
employees, regardless of race, religion, sex, color, ethnicity, or
national origin, who have demonstrated strong potential to become
skilled administrators, with the opportunity to obtain knowledge,
experience, and management skills to further their career development,
and to assist them in competing more effectively for management positions.
In addition to the developmental experience provided, a key aspect of
a Fellowship is the mentor/mentee relationship which is established
between a senior administrator and each Fellow. Consistent with the
University's present affirmative action obligations, people of color and
women, among others, are encouraged to apply for this fellowship
Working closely with the Executive Director for Development of Major
Gifts, the Management Fellow will be responsible for fund raising,
including identifying, cultivating and soliciting gifts from individuals,
corporations, and foundations. The fellowship will entail analysis of
high level development issues such as strategic planning and
positioning as well as donor recognition and stewardship. The fellow
will be responsible for developing and implementing with the Executive
Director an organizational and strategic development plan with a clear
definition of goals, target audiences, and strategies in-line with
institutional goals. Thus, knowledge of fund raising, communication
tools, information systems, strategic planning, and skills in written
and oral communication will be important.
Full-time career staff employees at or above the Principal Analyst or
equivalent level, and full-time career academic appointees who would
like to move into administrative positions, are eligible for
consideration as candidates for the Management Fellowship Program.
The following criteria will be used in evaluating the applicants:
1. Demonstration that the applicant has independently pursued
activities associated with professional development.
2. Applicant's educational background.
3. Applicant's past supervisory and management
4. Applicant's prior work experience, including knowledge
and skills in related functional areas.
5. Applicant's current University position.
6. Applicant's long-term commitment to the University.
Anyone wishing to learn more about the fellowship may attend an
orientation meeting on November 10, 1998, at 2:00 p.m., in the
Price Center Gallery B.
Those wishing to apply for the fellowship should submit an application
to Major Gifts in External Relations at mail code 0937, by November 20,
An application form is attached for your convenience. Questions
regarding the specific nature of this fellowship position should be
directed to Jean Gorman, Executive Director of Development for Major Gifts,
Questions related to the general nature of the UC Management Fellowship
Program should be directed to Lana Brenes, Director, Staff Education
and Development, 534-4890.
The awarding of the fellowship to an individual neither explicitly nor
implicitly commits the University to place the fellow in a higher level
position. However, it is hoped that an applicant successfully
completing this fellowship will be prepared more fully to achieve
his/her career goals.
I encourage all interested staff to investigate this developmental
James Langley
Vice Chancellor-External Relations
Please read the Vice Chancellor's NOTICE describing the program before
completing the application. Upon completion, please send to Major Gifts,
0937, by November 20, 1998. Applications received after this date will
not be considered. If you have questions regarding the specific nature
of this fellowship position, please call Jean Gorman, Executive Director
of Development for Major Gifts, 534-9644. If you have questions related
to the general nature of the UC Management Fellowship Program, please
call Lana Brenes, Director, Staff Education and Development, 534-4890.
Please do not allow your responses to be limited by the space allocated
on this form. Attach additional sheets if necessary.
I. Name:________________________________ Date of Hire_________________
Present Job Title: ___________________________________________________
Length of time in present job:________________________________________
Department: __________________________________________________________
Supervisor's Name:____________________________________________________
A. Describe briefly the major responsibilities of your current
You also may wish to attach a copy of your current job description.
B. Previous Related Experience - Describe briefly the responsibilities
of your past positions with UCSD including department, dates of employment
and title.