University of California, San Diego

November 13, 1998
SUBJECT:	EmployeeLink 2.0: http://employeelink.ucsd.edu
We are pleased to announce a new release of the EmployeeLink facility,
primarily affecting Employee Reporting. This new 2.0 version will become
available on Monday, November 16, 1998 at http://employeelink.ucsd.edu on
the Web. A presentation of these enhancements will be given at the DCTUG
meeting on Wednesday, November 18, from 2-4 p.m. in room 111A University
Since EmployeeLink 1.0 was released in May 1998, we have been continuously
reviewing input from the campus community regarding this facility and have
been looking for ways to improve its content, functionality, usability,
and accessibility. Following are the most important enhancements
contained in the new release:
* A new Home Page that is similar to the one used by FinancialLink. It
includes direct links to frequently used reports and to pertinent policy
documents and functional office Web pages.
* A new General Selection facility which makes selecting current employee
population sets for reporting easier and more flexible. Existing and
more specific queries will continue to be used for selecting sets of
historical information and for special current employee selections that
cannot be accomplished using General Selection.
* Access control for current population reporting has been widened to
reflect the needs expressed by EmployeeLink users. This means that all
but specifically identified sensitive data (e.g., ethnicity, gender,
age, SSN, home addresses) will be viewable by those who have PPS Online
access. Access to the sensitive data and to historical data will be
limited to records of those employees who have had some association
with a department contained in the accessor’s PPS departmental access
* A redesigned Output Selection feature similar to that supported within
FinancialLink has been added. Selected population lists will be
automatically displayed in an abbreviated roster format, after which
other output formats may be chosen to display the same data.
* Back-Arrow navigation within Employee History reporting has been
enhanced to support the ability to return to multiple different levels
within the selection/employee/action drill-down structure.
* A new “Confidential Information Roster” report has been developed for
those requiring Gender/Ethnicity/Age information. Access to these
secured elements will be available on the same departmental/association
basis described above.
* Help information for the entire Employee Reporting facility has been
Elazar C. Harel
Assistant Vice Chancellor -
Administrative Computing & Telecommunications