Campus Notice
University of California, San Diego

November 18, 1998
SUBJECT:	UCSD Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations
The University of California, San Diego and the San Diego Gas & Electric
Company have entered into an agreement to provide electric vehicle charging
stations on the UCSD campus. SDG&E has selected UCSD to receive incentive
awards from the San Diego Air Pollution Control District, Sempra Energy,
and General Motors Corporation.
The three EV charging stations are located at (1) the north side of
Imprints Copy Center, adjacent to building 201 UCtr, (2) the School of
Medicine, at the east end of Osler Lane, and (3) the Thornton Medical
Center, on the west side in Parking Lot 753 adjacent to the modular
offices. Each charging station uses an inductive charging paddle for a
full rapid charge. Follow your manufacturer's charging instruction manual
before using. Currently the chargers accept the GM charging format, which
will accommodate the Honda EV Plus. Like other charging stations within
San Diego County, there is no charge for electricity used while charging.
Transportation & Parking Services has implemented the following procedure
for charging. A parking meter is installed at each charging location. A
vehicle with a valid UCSD parking permit may park in this space while
charging their vehicle without funding the parking meter. If the vehicle
does not have a permit, the parking meter must be funded while charging.
The University of California, San Diego and San Diego Gas & Electric
recognize the importance of public charging sites and are committed to the success of this collaborative effort.
For further information contact a service representative in the Rideshare
Office at 534-RIDE.
Jack Hug
Assistant Vice Chancellor -
Auxiliary & Plant Services