University of California, San Diego

November 23, 1998
SUBJECT:	Parking on Hopkins Drive
This Fall, UCSD enrollments reached a record high of 19,730 students, an
increase of 703 students (or +4%) as compared to Fall 1997. This
enrollment increase, which resulted primarily from an unexpectedly higher number of applicants accepting offers of admission, has caused several operational impacts, including higher utilization of campus parking
facilities. For example, parking lot peak occupancy surveys for the week of October 19th show that 176 student spaces (or 3% of total student spaces) were vacant on the main campus. Consequently, to improve the availability of student spaces, an additional 94 parking spaces were developed temporarily on Hopkins Drive (east of RIMAC), north of Voigt Drive. Unfortunately, this action necessitated the temporary removal of both the north-bound and south-bound bicycle lanes on this segment of Hopkins Drive.
In removing the Hopkins Drive bicycle lanes, the safety of bicyclists and
others was considered and it was determined that the resulting lane width
(14 feet) was adequate, although bicycles will no longer have an exclusive
lane. Bicycling is an important component of the transportation system at
UCSD and efforts are continually made to improve campus facilities. In
this case, two competing transportation goals were involved. An effort to
accommodate both was made. We are committed to restoring the bicycle lanes
(and removing the temporary parking) no later than June 30, 1999, when
availability conditions will improve as a function of reduced demand during
the summer months and the development of new parking facilities.
UCSD Transportation and Parking Services is presently planning to develop
more than 1,600 new surface parking spaces to be phased in during the Fall
1999 quarter. Also, two parking structures, to be completed in Fall 2000,
will provide about 1,800 new and replacement spaces in the University
Center and north campus areas. Please accept our apologies for any inconveniences associated with these actions and be assured that Transportation and Parking Services' ongoing objective is to effectively serve the transportation and parking needs of the entire campus community.
Greg Snee