University of California, San Diego

November 25, 1998
SUBJECT: Revision to the Account Code Validation Process
As indicated in our October 6, 1998 Campus Notice, the Account Code
Validation Process has been revised so that Account Codes are matched
to their Fund/Organization/Program for purposes of validation. Previously,
the Account Code was only matched to the Fund for this purpose.
The need for this revision was identified by the larger more complex
departments that had funds crossing organization and programmatic
lines. As such, Account Codes may be valid under one fund/
organization/program combination while being invalid under another; yet,
having the same fund number.
The validation function is comprised of two edit processes. The first edit
(E edit) blocks the expense transaction for prescribed Rule Classes at the
point of entry into the IFIS system. No change will occur to this edit
process. Account Codes for such items as fines, penalties,
tobacco/confection, gifts and alcoholic beverages are generic in their
application to a fund. Thus, they will continue to be validated at the
fund level with an immediate correction to an acceptable funding source
being required for exceptions. Extramural Funds will continue to be
responsible for assigning and maintaining the "E" account codes used by
IFIS in the validation process.
The second edit (W edit) is being revised to assign a warning tag to the
transaction for Account Code/Fund_Organization_Program combinations
prescribed by the department. This will allow specific identification of
those questionable transactions at the organization/program level. These
transactions will appear on FinancialLink's Ledger Annotator for the
department's review. If no action is taken, the transaction remains in
IFIS as an acceptable charge to the fund. Departments will now be
responsible for assigning "W" account codes to a specific
fund/organization/program for use by IFIS in the validation process.
For those departments that have already assigned "W" codes at the fund
level, a conversion effort by ACT will provide the related
organization/program to the fund listed in the IFIS ACCT/FUND/XREF File.
The revision to the W edit will be implemented on December 1. Detailed
information regarding the Account Code Validation process may be accessed
at the following Web address:
Commodity Code
Currently a review of the Purchasing's commodity codes is in process to
further identify those account codes that may require a commodity code to
invoke the validation edit. A future announcement will be released to
inform you of any additions required.
If you have specific questions regarding the revision, contact Miles Bowler
at mbowler@ucsd.edu or extension 21808.
Miles Bowler
Project Administrator for SPEAR