University of California, San Diego


February 17, 2000


SUBJECT:   Task Force on the Faculty Review Process

Senior Vice Chancellor-Academic Affairs Marsha Chandler announced on February 9th that we are co-chairing the joint Senate/Administration Task Force on the Faculty Review Process. The committee has begun to meet and wishes to invite the faculty at large to provide input with suggestions to improve the faculty review process. The broad issues we hope to examine are:

  1. Organization and content of faculty files, including formats for CV and Bio/Bib information and how we evaluate and document graduate and undergraduate teaching.
  2. Participation in the review process, including the role of ad hoc committees, for different types of files.
  3. Timeliness of appointment and retention actions, and deadlines for personnel actions.
  4. Automation of the academic personnel process

We encourage you to write to us with your suggestions either by email (fac-rev-task-force-l@ucsd.edu) or by campus mail (mail code 0001). It would be most useful to the committee to receive your input before the end of February.

We have listed the committee members below so that you may also feel free to discuss the issues with any of us informally.

Thank you.

                                                       Dave Miller, Co-Chair
                                                       Task Force on the Faculty Review Process

                                                       Terry Jernigan, Co-Chair
                                                       Task Force on the Faculty Review Process

Task Force Members:

Professor Georgios Anagnostopoulos, Philosophy
MSO Karen Andrews, Physics
Vice Chancellor and Dean Richard Attiyeh
Professor Colin Bloor, Pathology/SOM
Professor Terry Jernigan, Psychiatry/SOM, Co-Chair
Associate Vice Chancellor David Miller, Co-Chair
Professor Larry Milstein, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Professor Carol Plantamura, Music
Professor Richard Salmon, Pord/SIO
Professor Debbie Spector, Biology
Professor William Trogler, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Professor John Wixted, Psychology