University of California, San Diego

Purchasing Division

April 14, 2000


SUBJECT:  Web-based Requisitions

Web-based Requisitions, the sister to Department Order is ready for your daily use!

You can now use the Web-based Requisition process to create high value requests, view a summary of your requisition, complete/approve a requisition and view high value purchase order status, buyer assignment and summary. The features of web-based requisitions are more robust and easy to learn and use. Every requisition entered will become part of the IFIS database, just the same as if you were entering the transaction in the IFIS mainframe screens.

To use this new method, you must have an IFIS User ID and approved access to the requisition process. It is not necessary to re-take the Purchasing Online class if you are currently a user of the IFIS requisition or department order process.

Access the Web-based Requisition method by using your browser Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer and navigating to Financial Link at: https://urey.ucsd.edu/cgi-bin/financiallink.pl/1/, or access Financial Link from the Purchasing Home page at: http://www-bfs.ucsd.edu/pur/. Click on the Transactions button or the For IFIS Users link. Then select Generate a requisition.

Instructions and information are available by clicking on ?HELP located at the top of the Requisition screen, or by clicking on the "i" button available at each heading throughout the process. We suggest that new users review ?HELP first for information about the navigation features of web-based requisitions.

Please let us know what you think by using the buttons "Did you get what you wanted? We welcome your comments and suggestions via this method so we can address any issues that may arise.

If you need information regarding how to obtain an IFIS User ID and approved access to the requisition process, please contact your Department Security Administrator (DSA). To sign up for the Purchasing Online training course, please visit Staff Education and Development's Enrollment Central web page.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact a Purchasing Customer service representative at X43084 or mailto:purchasinginfo@ucsd.edu.                                                    Linda Collins
                                                   Purchasing Manager