University of California, San Diego


May 4, 2000


SUBJECT:  Administrative Responsibilities Handbook

The Administrative Responsibilities Handbook, which was distributed to business officers in Fall 1999, is currently being mailed to key academic and staff administrators, principal investigators, and key support staff. For your convenience, it is also available to you on the web at http://www-bfs.ucsd.edu/oc/arh/arh_index.html

The Administrative Responsibilities Handbook is a reference guide that was developed by the Office of the Controller and key Central Administrative Support Departments to provide guidance to those individuals with administrative and/or financial oversight.

Fully endorsed by the Campus Committee on Accountability and Controls, this handbook can be utilized as a tool to effectively manage and make decisions related to Academic and Research Affairs, Conflict of Interest, Environment, Health and Safety, Finance, Human Resources, and Information Systems. Selected examples of Good Business Practices and Policy/Department references have also been included as a resource. While we encourage everyone to consult their department business officer first, we hope this handbook will be of use in your daily decision making process.

Additional copies of this handbook will be available upon request (extension 4-0660). We encourage you to distribute this guide to anyone in your department that may be able to use it as a resource. Suggestions for enhancing this guide can be sent directly to controller@ucsd.edufor consideration by the Campus Committee on Accountability and Controls.

                                                   Donald A. Larson