University of California, San Diego


July 6, 2000


SUBJECT:  Proposed Revisions to the Professional and
Support Staff Grade Structure

This notice is being distributed to advise you of proposed revisions to UCSD's Professional and Support Staff (PSS) grade structure and equity increase procedures. This proposal will only affect non-exclusively represented employees in the PSS tier. It will not have an affect on unionized employees, Programmer/Analysts and Computer Resource Managers, those in the Manager and Senior Professional (MSP) tier, nor those in the Senior Management Group.

Under the proposal, the current fourteen PSS grades (A through N) would be reduced to seven grades. This approach is similar to the MSP grade structure consolidation that was implemented last November.

The primary reason for the proposal is to provide a more flexible pay structure, thereby assisting UCSD's ability to continue to recruit and retain quality employees in an increasingly competitive market. Anticipated benefits of the proposed action include:

-increased salary-setting flexibility for new hires
-increased salary growth potential for existing employees
-simplification of the job evaluation system
-reduced number of requests for grade level changes
-improved market competitiveness.

Two phases of implementation are being considered.

The first phase involves the grade structure consolidation that would take effect October 1, 2000. Merit increase recommendations to become effective October 1, 2000 would be considered within the new expanded limits of the revised salary ranges.

The second phase involving title reductions associated with the grade structure collapse and will take place over the next year. As title reduction proposals are developed, specifics will be communicated to the affected campus population with ample opportunity to review and respond to the proposed actions.

Upon implementation of the Phase I grade structure consolidation, only the employee's grade designation would change. There would be no initial change to an individual's salary, position description, or classification. Salaries would continue to advance within the assigned salary range primarily through the annual merit increase program.

With the revised grade structure, there will be fewer grade level changes associated with promotions and upward reclassifications. However, such increases in responsibility will continue to be compensated through the equity increase policy. In accordance with equity increase guidelines, equity increases may be granted due to a variety of situations, including the permanent assignment of higher-level functions that do not warrant reclassification. Under the proposal, equity increase authority up to the salary range midpoint may be decentralized to Vice Chancellors. Vice Chancellors will determine the affects of this proposal, if any, on applicable budget allocations or guidelines.

Further details regarding this proposal can be viewed at:


Two open forums are scheduled for employees to hear more about this proposal and have an opportunity to ask questions.

            Campus July 11, 12:00 - 1:00 Price Center Theatre
            SIO July 17, 12:00 - 1:00 4500 Hubbs Hall

Key Administrators are requested to circulate this proposal to affected employees in their departments. Campus employees may submit their comments regarding the first phase of the proposal to Judy Johnson, Compensation Manager, via electronic mail at jjohnson@ucsd.edu, or via telephone (858) 534-0986. UCSD Healthcare employees may submit their comments to Ann Skinner, Director, Healthcare Human Resources, via electronic mail at askinner@ucsd.edu or SYSM Code: AMR1 or by phone at (619) 220-5089. Comments received by August 4, 2000 will be carefully considered in determining the final decision regarding this proposal.

                                                Rogers Davis
                                                Assistant Vice Chancellor -
                                                Human Resources