University of California, San Diego


July 10, 2000


SUBJECT:  Academic Student Employee (ASE) Retroactive Range

The recent agreement with the University and United Auto Workers (UAW) provided for a 1.5% salary range adjustment (not applicable to Summer Session) retroactive to April 1, 2000 for UCSD teaching assistants, associates, readers and tutors (ASEs). The retroactive range adjustment has been applied and separate checks for these payments will be issued July 19. (Note: Regular checks for students paid hourly for the pay period 6/25 - 7/8 will also be issued on the biweekly payday of July 19.)

Timekeepers submitting hours for Tutors paid hourly during the period 6/25 - 7/8 will not have to take any special action even if the pay rate appears incorrectly. ACT will apply an "override" and automatically range adjust affected employees. This process will not affect Summer Session student employees (ASEs).

For the retroactive range adjustment checks, students will be subject to Student FICA based on their Spring 2000 registration units. That is, students registered in at least 6 units Spring quarter will not be subject to deductions. Students (who are U.S. citizens, permanent residents or resident aliens) receiving regular checks on the biweekly payday of July 19 will be subject to Student FICA deductions (Defined Contribution Plan and Medicare) based on their Summer Session registration units. International students who are nonresident aliens and students receiving stipend checks are exempt from Student FICA. Additional information regarding Student FICA is on the OGSR student web site at:


The Student Academic Title Rates chart reflecting the new rates is also available on the above web site. Departments and programs (except Summer Session) should begin using these new rates on all ASE employment actions with a begin date of 4/1/00 or later. Although It is anticipated that there will be an additional 2% range adjustment in October 2000 these rates are not yet available.

Departments and programs employing graduate students under the Associate (in lieu of TA) title should note that the salary has been changed to conform with the beginning step of the Associate pay scale. Primarily this affects those students hired as Senior TAs for departmental/program TA training activities.

If you have questions regarding the range adjustment, you may contact a member of my staff, Cyndi Macy, cmacy@ucsd.edu, 534-3727.

                                                Richard Attiyeh
                                                Dean of Graduate Studies