University of California, San Diego


September 26, 2000


SUBJECT:  REMINDER -- Proposals for 2000-01 Pilot Program in Upper
                     Division Writing Instruction are due Monday, October 2, 2000

You are reminded that the deadline for submission of proposals for the Pilot Program in Upper Division Writing Instruction for the 2000-01 academic year is Monday, October 2, 2000. We would like to meet the goal of announcing awards by October 31 so departments will have sufficient time to implement their plans. Therefore, it will not be possible to accept late proposals.

A copy of the original June 30, 2000 program announcement and call letter follows this message.

                                                David R. Miller
                                                Associate Vice Chancellor
                                                Academic Planning and Programs

June 30, 2000


SUBJECT: 2000-01 Pilot Program in Upper Division Writing Instruction

Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to announce the creation of a Pilot Program for Upper Division Writing Instruction. This program was developed in response to suggestions from CEP, Provosts, and faculty that our campus should give more attention to writing at the upper division level across all disciplines and majors. The pilot program will provide additional funds to departments in support of incorporating or enhancing writing instruction in existing upper division courses.

Program Overview
Academic Affairs will fund eight to ten awards of $5,000 each in support of courses offered during Winter and Spring Quarters, 2001.
Proposals must be approved and submitted by Department Chairs.
Each department will be limited to one proposal for writing instruction in an existing upper division course.
A minimum course enrollment level of 25 is suggested.
Given the wide spectrum of possible uses in the different disciplines, the program will aim to learn whether awarded funds can be used effectively for different types of courses large and small.
Funding for each approved course will be $5,000, independent of course enrollment.
Funds will not be awarded for general course enrichment, but are restricted for improvement of discipline-specific writing skills.
Writing enhancement may use TAs, Readers, Lecturers, or writing consultants, as deemed most effective by the department and the course instructor.
Proposals will be reviewed by an interdisciplinary Selection Committee, and final allocation decisions will be made by the Senior Vice Chancellor.

Selection Criteria
Expectation of significant impact on identifiable writing skills appropriate to work within the discipline. Possibility of judging the success of the effort. Can the likelihood of success be predicted? What criteria would indicate that the pilot project had a positive impact?

The application deadline is Monday, October 2, 2000. Awards will be announced by October 31, with funding available January 1, 2001. An application form appears below, and may be accessed or downloaded from the Academic Affairs web site:

Questions may be directed to Michele Dotson (X40097, mdotson@ucsd.edu).

                                                David R. Miller
                                                Associate Vice Chancellor
                                                Academic Planning and Programs

Enclosure (application form)

San Diego: Office of the Senior Vice Chancellor
Academic Affairs, Mail Code 0001
534-3131; FAX: 534-5355

2000-01 Pilot Program
Upper Division Writing Instruction -- Course Enhancement


Please submit to Michele Dotson, mail code 0001, no later than 5:00 p.m., Monday, October 2, 2000.
Electronic submission to mdotson@ucsd.edu is acceptable if forwarded from the Department Chair's office signifying the Chair's approval.

Department or Program:_________________________________________________

Course Number and Title:_______________________________________________

Anticipated course enrollment:_____________

Quarter Offered:_____W, _____ S 2000-01

Course is: requirement for major:_____ , an elective:______, other:_____________________

Instructor name and title:____________________________________________

Typical course instructional support (number and % time of TAs, Readers, Tutors, etc., if any):


Please attach a brief (1-2 pages) description of the following:

(A) existing course writing component, if any, including the typical number and length of assigned papers, description of writing assignments, etc.;
(B) the proposed course writing instruction enhancement, including:

(1) a description of the specific writing objective(s)*;
(2) the plan for achieving the objectives;
(3) an indication of how or why the proposal would be a useful pilot project;
(4) if additional writing workload might discourage students from taking the writing pilot course, what incentives (if any) would be used to motivate participation;
(5) proposed use of pilot program funds (indicate type of additional personnel).
* -- Examples of writing objectives might include: improving basic writing expository skills, enhancing analysis of difficult texts, moving courses from multiple choice exam format to essay questions, evaluating writing in laboratory course projects describing experimental observations, etc.

APPROVAL REQUIRED: ________________________ __________________
                                                            Department Chair                         Date