University of California, San Diego


October 12, 2000


SUBJECT:  UCSD Diversity Council 2000-01

1998 was the first year of operation of the UCSD Diversity Council. The Diversity Council was established to advise me on institutional access and representation, campus climate and intergroup relations, education and scholarship, and institutional transformation.

I am pleased to announce the Diversity Council for FY 2000-01:

Chair of the Diversity Council:
Deborah Wingard (Family and Preventive Medicine)

Lori Guardiano-Durkin (Office of CREATE) and
Catherine Joseph (Warren College)

Ex-Officio Diversity Council Members:
Vice Chair of the Academic Senate-- Michael Bernstein

Chair, Senate Affirmative Action & Diversity--
Gregg Silverman (Fall'00)
and Tony Curiel (Spring '01)

President of the Associated Students, or designee--
Doc Khaleghi (President)

President of Graduate Student Association, or designee--
Lea Marie Ruiz(President)

Chair, Student Affirmative Action Committee--
Tamara Webster

At-Large Diversity Council Faculty Members:
Jeffrey Elman (Cognitive Science)
Francis Gabbai (Medicine)
Yen-Le Espiritu (Ethnic Studies)

At-large Diversity Council Student Members:
Erika Gutierrez
Jeremy Horst
Jesse Mills
Joseph Joel Sherman

At-large Diversity Council Staff Members:
Lupe Cook (SIO)
Glynda Davis (Jacobs School of Engineering)
Rafael Hernandez (EAOP)
Tim Johnston (OGSR)

Irma Martinez, Campus Relations Coordinator
Linda Williams, Assistant Chancellor
Laura Schreibman, Associate Chancellor
EEO/Staff Affirmative Action Officers, as appropriate

The Diversity Council's charge is as follows:

UCSD is committed to having a student body, faculty, and staff whose diversity is rich and reflects the community we serve in San Diego and the State of California. The drivers of this commitment will not depend on legislative mandates and compliance measures, but rather on UCSD's commitment to be strong, competitive with our peer institutions, and responsive to our constituents.

Historically, the campus has successfully mobilized itself to achieve critical objectives when it has brought together those responsible for implementing change with those whose knowledge and expertise give them insight about particular campus needs.

Following this model, the Diversity Council brings together faculty, students, and staff, who will advise the Chancellor, in his role as Chief Diversity Officer, and the Vice Chancellors in the following ways:

            Advise the Chancellor on the appropriate goals to which UC San Diego should aspire in creating a diverse campus community and assess progress toward achieving those goals.

            Identify those programs that can have the greatest positive impacts on campus diversity and recommend how our resources might best be utilized and coordinated to achieve the campus diversity goals.

            Identify the barriers to achieving greater diversity at UCSD and provide recommendations on how we can overcome those barriers.

            Review annual reports and other data regarding the state of student, faculty, and staff diversity and efforts to improve diversity at UCSD.

            Assess how the UCSD Principles of Community and related campus regulations and policies are being applied and make recommendations on how to improve the communication of the Principles to faculty, students, and staff.

            Act as a resource for the Chancellor, Vice Chancellors, Directors, and others for advice on programs and initiatives designed to improve UCSD's diversity.

            Provide a forum for the discussion of diversity-related issues and ideas and promote a campus dialogue about diversity by periodically convening town meetings, establishing a web page, and other means as appropriate.

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to outgoing members of the Council who have worked so diligently to provide me with many significant and helpful recommendations.

Joann Ball
Laura Barraclough
Richard Belmontez
Justine Certeza
Tom Collins
Natalie Davis
David Gutierrez
Tesh Khullar
Patrick Velasquez
Susan Kirkpatrick, Consultant

I especially want to acknowledge the efforts of Dr. Herbert York, the founding Chair of the Council for his inspired leadership over the past two years.

The FY 2000-01 Diversity Council will hold its first meeting on October 17, 2000. Please join me in thanking its members for their willingness to serve the UCSD community in this important way. And I thank all of you for your continuing involvement in working toward our common goal of strengthening and enriching UCSD through diversity.

I also invite all campus community members to become involved in the efforts of the Diversity Council and to visit the Diversity Council's website: http://www.diversity.ucsd.edu.

                                                Robert C. Dynes