University of California, San Diego


January 8, 2001


SUBJECT:  2000-01 Constantine Panunzio Distinguished Emeriti Award

The UCSD Emeriti Association is soliciting nominations for the 2000-01 Constantine Panunzio Distinguished Emeriti Award, which was created to acknowledge the outstanding work or service performed by a University of California emeritus or emerita, mainly in the humanities or social sciences, in any year after retirement. A description of the award and criteria for nomination follows and may also be found on the UCSD Emeriti Association website at:

This is a Universitywide competition and we are proud to say that this prestigious award was given to Professor Emeritus Avrum Stroll (Philosophy) in 1996. We encourage you to nominate a deserving emeritus or emerita to receive the award this year.

If you know a professor emeritus or emerita from UCSD whom you consider deserving of this distinguished award, we would appreciate your nomination in support of the candidate's work or service, along with a curriculum vitae, by Friday, February 2, 2001, for consideration by the UCSD Emeriti Executive Committee.

Please forward all nomination materials to:
Sandi Pierz, UCSD Emeriti Association, Mail Code: 0002

                                                Marjorie Caserio, President
                                                UCSD Emeriti Association

The Constantine Pannunzio Distinguished Emeriti Award, consisting of a cash prize and certificate, recognizes the outstanding scholarly work or service performed by a University of California emeritus or emerita, mainly in the humanities or social sciences, since his or her retirement.

The appropriate Deans on each campus, as well as the Provost or comparable officer, are asked to solicit nominations for this award from their constituent Departments. Each Emeriti Association is also invited to prepare a nomination. The President of the Emeriti Association at each campus is asked to coordinate the solicitation and collection of his or her campus's nominations and submit them, with recommendations, to the Provost of Letters and Science, or comparable officer for review. Each campus may determine specific details for eligibility, nomination, and final selection, but it is expected that the President of the local Emeriti Association will submit the ultimate nomination, with full supporting dossier, to the Constantine Panunzio Award Board of Directors for final review.

The nominee's dossier from each campus should include a letter outlining the distinctive contribution in scholarship or other educational service made by the nominee since retirement. Supporting letters and a copy of the nominee's curriculum vitae should also be included.

The recipient will be announced on or before April 15, 2001. The award and a certificate will be presented on the campus of the recipient(s) at a program arranged by that campus.


Constantine Panunizo (1884-1964) was a professor of Sociology at UCLA from 1931 until his retirement in 1952. It is largely to Professor Panunzio that the UC Emeriti owe the present pension system, which was established by The Board of Regents after they received a six-page memorandum from Professor Panunzio. Edward A. Dickson, who was Chairman of The Board of Regents at the time (1954), described Dr. Panunzio as "the architect of the UC Retirement System." Thus, during the last dozen years of his life, Dr. Panunzio was instrumental in bringing about a substantial increase in the stipends of colleagues already retired at the University of California, in improving the retirement system at UC, and in discovering what the situation was for other retirees at institutions throughout the United States by launching a nationwide emeriti census in 1954.