We have been notified that the Electrical Stage 3 Emergency has been extended through today, January 19, 2001, ending at midnight tonight. This means that there is a threat to the electrical system reliability and increases the possibility of our campus experiencing rolling power outages. We are recommending that during these hours you reduce electrical usage as much as possible and refrain from any sensitive research that requires electrical power. During this emergency you may also experience some temperature and airflow changes in your facility due to electrical load reduction actions by PPS.

Please note: UCSD/Physical Plant Services has no control over these emergencies. This Stage 3 Emergency is defined and controlled by the California Independent Power System Operation (ISO) and SDG&E.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Wendy Schiefer (Physical Plant Services) @ (858) 534-0317 or email wschiefer@ucsd.edu.

Below is ISO/SDG&E's definition of a Stage 3 Emergency for your review:

Stage 3 Emergency
A Stage 3 Emergency may be declared at any time it is clear that a critical Operating Reserve shortfall (i.e., less than 1 1/2%) is unavoidable, or is forecast to occur within the next two hours. Stage 3 is the most severe Stage of Emergency and indicates that, without significant ISO intervention, the electric system is in danger of imminent collapse. Involuntary curtailment of service to consumers (i.e., "rolling blackouts") is required during a Stage 3 Emergency in amounts as needed to maintain Operating Reserve above 1 1/2%.

The Stage 3 Emergency Declaration is sent to all Market Participants, to appropriate state regulatory, oversight, and response agencies, and is broadcast to the General Public in a coordinated effort between the ISO and UCDs. Consumers are advised that involuntary interruptions of service have begun and will be continued until the Emergency has passed. Consumers are requested to reduce their consumption of electric energy wherever possible to avoid more severe involuntary curtailments.