University of California, San Diego


January 30, 2001


SUBJECT:  Announcement of New Program Coordinator for Student
                     Affirmative Action and Education Equity (SAA & EE) Program

Please welcome Samantha Dodge who has joined the staff at Student Policies and Judicial Affairs as the new Program Coordinator for Student Affirmative Action and Education Equity. Samantha spent the last five years in Washington D. C. where she was a Senior Program Analyst for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Samantha developed and implemented a FEMA/DOD internship program, in concert with Georgetown University, George Washington University, UVA, University of Maryland and other local colleges, with the focus on underrepresented students allowing them to have hands on government experience. She was on the team that developed and implemented the "Armed Services Equal Opportunity Survey." In the past five years she has been on site at more than 130 disasters. Samantha was sent to Bosnia, Kosovo and Turkey as a member of an international aid team. While in Washington, she was a volunteer analyst with Congressional Research Service covering Native American issues for Congress, and was appointed to the President's Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities. Samantha is a member of the National Congress of American Indians. She was one of the directors of the successful American Indian College Fund campaign. Samantha received her BS from California State University at Dominguez Hills, and her Masters degree in psychology from Cambridge College. She has co-authored several manuals on counseling the culturally different and authored a parenting manual with a traditional American Indian focus.

Samantha may be contacted at (858) 822-4973 or via email at sdodge@ucsd.edu.

                                                Nicholas S. Aguilar, Director
                                                Student Policies and Judicial Affairs