February 9, 2001


SUBJECT:  Call for Nominations - Faculty Research Lecturer

The Academic Senate Faculty Research Lecturer Award recognizes colleagues whose research has made a significant contribution to the advancement of knowledge. Each year the Senate selects two members of the faculty or staff to receive this prestigious award, one from the Arts, Humanities, or Social Sciences, and one from the Sciences. The recipients will be asked to present a lecture on a topic of his or her choice, be honored by the faculty in a reception following the lecture, and receive a $1000 honorarium.

You are invited to nominate a colleague for this noteworthy prize. Nominations must be accompanied by a statement not to exceed two pages that makes the argument for the nomination, a curriculum vitae, and a bibliography. It is critical that the two-page statement fully documents the nominee's (1) field of knowledge, (2) important research contributions and where the contributions stand in relationship to his or her peers and discipline(s), and (3) ability to deliver a provocative lecture having broad audience appeal. Where possible, identify specific papers, books, or treaties that epitomize the nominee's contribution. Nominations should also include a brief statement about the probable focus of the nominee's lecture.

Past Faculty Research Lecture Award recipients are:

Bernard Rands (Music)
Theodore Friedmann (Pediatrics)
Louis A. Montrose (Literature)
Michael L. Freedman (Mathematics)
Patricia S. Churchland (Philosophy)
George N. Somero (SIO)
Bruno H. Zimm (Chemistry)
Freeman Gilbert (SIO)
Arend Lijphart (Political Science)
Elizabeth Barrett-Connor (Family & Preventive Medicine)
Laura Schreibman (Psychology)
Martin Rudwick (History)
Jonathan Singer (Biology)
Richard Madsen (Sociology)
Roger Tsien (Pharmacology & Chemistry/Biochemistry)
Russell F. Doolittle (Biology & Chemistry/Biochemistry)
Michael Schudson (Communication)
Steven Shapin (Sociology)
Larry R. Squire (Psychiatry, Neurosciences & Psychology)
Lu Jeu Sham (Physics)
Melford E. Spiro (Anthropology)

The Committee on the Faculty Research Lecturer is charged with recommending the award recipients to the Representative Assembly. We must complete the selection process and make our recommendation by May 29, 2001. Therefore, we ask you to forward your nominations to the Academic Senate (0002) no later than Friday, April 13, 2001.                                                 John C. Welchman, Chair
                                                Committee on Faculty Research Lecturer