University of California, San Diego


February 13, 2001

ALL ACADEMICS AND STAFF AT UCSD (including Healthcare)

SUBJECT:  Updates to UCSD Travel Policy

The University of California Business and Finance Bulletin G-28, Policy and Regulations Governing Travel has been revised by the Office of the President.

The UCSD Travel Office has published a summary of each significant update as it applies to UCSD's specific circumstances. This guidance to revised policy can be viewed on the travel web site:


For UCSD, the revisions were effective for travel as of February 1, 2001.

Subject highlights include:

-A new section addressing various categories of travelers, including faculty on sabbatical leave, students, post-docs, independent contractors, spouses, and non-employee travelers traveling to UCSD;

-An update on the minimum liability insurance coverage amounts recommended by the Office of Risk Management for the use of a personal vehicle;

-A clarification on the rules governing the reimbursement of collision damage waiver (CDW) insurance purchased when using a rental car on university business;

-New policy on the use of business and first-class travel for flights lasting 10 hours or longer;

-Information on the Fly America Act that requires the use of US domestic carriers for international travel;

-Added flexibility for travel for less than 24 hours;

-An explanation on the IRS requirements for electronic receipts;

-A description of allowable electronic authorization for the travel expense voucher; and

-An ethics statement regarding the traveler's responsibility for reporting expenses.

You may direct comments and questions either to Travel@UCSD.edu or telephone 4-3734.

                                                Faye E. McCullough
                                                Disbursements Division