University of California, San Diego


March 5, 2001

All ACADEMICS AND STAFF AT UCSD (including UCSD Healthcare)

Subject:  New UCSD Graphic Guidelines

Toward the goal of achieving a consistent UCSD look, and after broad consultation, the Marketing Council has developed print and web graphic guidelines for the campus. The guidelines go into effect immediately. Although adoption of the graphic look is voluntary, I strongly endorse its broad application.

The Council's intent was to create an identity system that reflects UCSD; is attractive, easy and economical to adopt; allows for departmental individuality within a UCSD framework; retains impact in a variety of applications, and is timeless. Available in both print and web formats, the guidelines contain free templates for stationery and web pages. The manual also contains UC stationery policies, official logos, information regarding the use of the UCSD name, examples of graphic applications, advice on building and maintaining UCSD web sites, and an editorial style guide.

Many UCSD units collaborated to bring this project to completion. Meredyth Potter White, Janet Tait and Janet Howard served as co-chairs of the Marketing Council Graphic Identity Task Force. Dr. David Ward chaired an Academic Senate subcommittee that was instrumental in reviewing and shaping the guidelines. The offices of Administrative Records, Campus Counsel, and University Bookstore provided policy information, the Publications Office provided design expertise, and many departments served as prototypes for the graphic and web applications. UCSD's official web site, InfoPath, has been redesigned using the web guidelines and templates; the Chancellor's Office web site is being redesigned, also based on the templates.

The Graphic Identity Guidelines and Policy Manual is being distributed to vice chancellors, academic deans, department chairs, directors, and UCSD libraries this week. The web version of the guidelines is accessible at http://www.ucsd.edu/guidelines.

If you would like more information on the guidelines or their application, please direct print related questions to printguidelines@ucsd.edu; web questions to webguidelines@ucsd.edu, or contact University Communications at extension 4-UCSD.

                                                Robert C. Dynes