University of California, San Diego


April 20, 2001


SUBJECT:  UC College Prep Initiative (UCCP) Grants of $25,000 for
                     On-line AP Course Development -- RFP Deadline
                     April 30, 2001

The UC College Preparatory Initiative (UCCP) is seeking grant applications from UC faculty for the creation of online AP courses for high school students. Awards of $25,000 will be made to successful candidates and the courses will become part of the regular offerings of the UCCP program. The course development RFP can be found at http://www.uccp.org. You will find the link to the RFP under the Breaking News announcement. Applications should be submitted directly to the UCCP Initiative Grants Office, see below for address and contact information.

UCCP is offering competitive grants to eligible UC faculty, lecturers, and professors' emeriti for the development of complete online Advanced Placement courses. The UCCP Grants Program seeks proposals from UC faculty to establish a partnership with UCCP to develop courses in the following Advanced Placement subject areas:

- Art History
- Calculus
- Computer Science
- Economics
- English
- Environmental Science
- Government and Politics
- Human Geography
- History
- Physics
- Psychology
- Spanish
- Statistics
- World History

This initial phase involves the submission of a proposal that outlines initial ideas or plans for an online AP course. Successful proposals will be awarded $25,000 to: (1) develop an AP course outline with descriptions of topics to be covered, a course module which can include mock-ups, scripts, storyboards, animations, and or simulations; and (2)

expand the proposal leading to actual course development. A second round of competitive grants will be awarded to UC faculty to design and develop an online AP course in collaboration with online curriculum designers and in partnership with the UCCP. Awards for the second round will depend on the proposed costs for course development.

The University of California College Prep Initiative (UCCP) is a statewide program administered at the Santa Cruz campus. Our mission is to provide online college preparatory courses for high school students that otherwise would not have the opportunity to become competitively eligible for admission to the University of California. UCCP intends to use Advanced Placement (AP) online courses to fill existing AP curriculum gaps in California high schools. The Initiative is designed to use an online technology-based approach along with engaging and highly interactive course content to provide students with access to college prep courses.

Application Format

All UC faculty and lecturers are eligible to submit a proposal. UCCP supports collaborative teams composed of more than one faculty, lecturer, and/or professors' emeriti. Please submit three (3) printed copies of the proposal. As an alternative, applicants may submit an electronic version of the proposal, formatted in Microsoft Word, via e-mail attachment to uccp@uccp.org. Please indicate "RFP Submitted" in the subject line.

Proposal Outline
The proposal should include the following sections:

  • Course Proposed
  • Identification of Faculty or Lecturer
  • Pedagogical Principles for Online Learning
  • Course Description
  • Description of proposed prototype, module, scripts, storyboard to be funded
  • Budget
    The proposal should be 3-5 pages in length.

    Submission Procedures
    Proposals, with necessary approvals, required copies and materials, should be submitted via the campus contract and Grants Office to:

                UC College Prep Initiative
                3004 Mission St. Ste. 200
                Santa Cruz, CA 95060

    Applications must be postmarked by April 30, 2001. Note, the proposals are subject to policies of academic compensation.

    The proposals will be reviewed by faculty advisers and UCCP staff. Selection of successful proposal(s) will be based on how well the proposal addresses the following themes:

  • pedagogical principles to be used in the design of the course
  • ways in which concepts, ideas, and or theories would be presented using multimedia.
  • type of interactive course activities that students would experience.
  • how the content would be covered and by whom
  • how concepts, ideas and theories would be taught in a collaborative environment.
  • how synchronous and asynchronous technology would be used.
  • how students' understanding will be assessed and how the course will be assessed
  • how the content would be designed to meet the needs of various learners.

    Recipients will be notified by May 30, 2001, and the contracting process will be initiated with the various campus, division, school, or department by June 1, 2001. The $25,000 is to be earmarked for the exclusive development of an AP course outline and prototype. Note that the proposed deliverables for the AP course are due within 2 and a half months of the grant.

    The completed AP course will be required to meet the standards contained in both The College Board Advanced Placement and California Curriculum Standards for the specific subject. The Advanced Placement Standards can be found at http://www.collegeboard.com. The California Curriculum Standards can be found at the California Department of Education web site http://www.cde.ca.gov.

    In partnership with faculty/lecturers, UCCP will select and work with the appropriate educational technology design teams to develop online AP courses. These sites provide examples of current collaborations.

    Apex Learning -- http://www.apexlearning.com
    Center for Digital Innovation at UCLA -- http://www.cdi.ucla.edu
    ScienceMedia -- http://www.sciencemedia.com
    Metacourse.com -- http://www.metacourse.com

    If you have questions or desire additional information about the UCCP Initiative or the request for proposals, you may contact the following UCCP Initiative staff:

    Elaine Wheeler
    (831) 460-3006 fax: (831) 460-3070

    Rafael Granados
    Associate Director, Curriculum & Development
    (831) 460-3081 fax: (831) 460-3070

                                                    David R. Miller
                                                    Associate Vice Chancellor