University of California, San Diego


April 27, 2001


SUBJECT:  Electronic Non-Payroll Expense Transfer (ENPET) Process

The Sponsored Project Excellence Achieved through Redesign (SPEAR) Group has developed a new cost transfer system to replace the existing process on May 1, 2001. The new system is referred to as the Electronic Non-Payroll Expense Transfer (ENPET) and has been designed to accelerate the process with improved accuracy and less effort. These improvements are expected to significantly reduce much of the frustration experienced by departments with the current process.

The new system is different from the current expense transfer process in the following ways.

1. The new process utilizes financial systems to capture data that exists electronically and eliminates the requirement for hardcopy support documentation where possible.

2. The new process categorizes transfers as high or low risk and streamlines the approval process.

3. The new process utilizes an email notification system to verify that expense transfers have been properly reviewed and approved by those responsible for the management of the funds (i.e., the principal investigators for contracts and grants, senior managers for state or University funds). The email will provide the detail of the cost transfer and a link to the detail support through FinancialLink's Ledger Annotator. Attachment I contains a sample of an Email ENPET Approval Notification.

To access the system, your starting point is in FinancialLink. Beginning May 1, you may get to the ENPET Transaction by using your Internet Explorer or Netscape browser and performing the following:

1. Go to http://financiallink.ucsd.edu

2. Click on the gold Transaction button in the blue sidebar.

3. In the "Financial Transactions" section, click on the "Electronic Non-Payroll Expense Transfer" selection.

For further information regarding the ENPET process you may refer to the following Web sites:

1. For training information and materials supporting the ENPET

2. For a draft of the campus PPM that is under Management review http://www-bfs.ucsd.edu/emf/policy/enpet_Index.htm

If you have questions, you may contact:

Miles Bowler, SPEAR Project Administrator
Email: mbowler@ucsd.edu
Phone #: 21808

Lyle Kafader, ACT/SYSTEMS
Email: lkafader@ucsd.edu
Phone #: 46087

Donna Mulcahy, HR Training Coordinator
Email: dmulcahy@ucsd.edu
Phone #: 23346

                                                Miles Bowler
                                                SPEAR Project Administrator


Attachment I
Example of Email Message
ENPET Approval Notification

Date: Wed. 10 Jan 20XX 10:43:22 - 0800 (PST)
From: Originator@ucsd.edu
To: Principal_Investigator@ucsd.edu
CC: Alternate_reviewer@ucsd.edu

ENPET Approval Notification
An Expense Transfer, described in detail below, has been submitted to the financial system for processing. This email notification is being sent to you because you are the responsible Administrative Official (Principal Investigator of Department Chair/Manager) of the Fund that will be charged for this expense.

IF YOU APPROVE THIS EXPENSE TRANSFER, no further actions are required.

IF YOU DO NOT APPROVE, PLEASE CONTACT YOUR Business Office immediately. The Business Office will ensure that the Fund Manager takes the necessary action to cancel or reverse the charge.

Document Number: NGDEV027
Rule Class: FG54
Template: GEN
Accounting Period: 20XX03
Header Text: Contains the text entered by the person preparing the ENPET to justify the basis for the cost transfer.

Index Fund Org Acct Prog Description Amount
ADC0031 19900A 724508 637266 723000 ZEST PHARMACY 300.00
ADCCOEU 19900A 724508 637266 723000 ENPET ZEST PHARMACY 300.00
ADC0031 19900A 724508 637269 723000 STOREHOUSE RECHARGE 203.75
ADCCOEU 19900A 724508 637269 723000 ENPET STOREHOUSE RECH. 203.75

For detail support of these transactions, you may access the following URL: PROVIDED by ENPET System, which allows you to access FinancialLink's Ledger Annotator.

NOTE: The originating department of an ENPET is the Office of Record. The Office of Record is responsible for: 1. Retaining an electronic or hard copy of this message to document the notification of the transaction to the approving authority, and 2. Retaining a hard copy of the following documents to support this ENPET in accord with University retention schedules: System identifies specific hard copy document support when it is not available electronically.