University of California, San Diego


June 29, 2001

To: Members of Revelle, Muir, Marshall, Warren and Roosevelt College

Sixth College will open its doors to its first class in the Fall 2002. I am writing to invite faculty members from other colleges to change their current affiliation and join the founding faculty of Sixth College.

During the 2000-01 academic year the Sixth College Faculty Planning Committee developed the Detailed Academic Plan for Sixth College. The committee agreed that Sixth College students should be educated in all three areas of the college theme, Culture, Art and Technology, both in the core sequence and in the breadth requirements. The general education requirements include: (1) a one-year long core sequence based on "Culture, Art and Technology," with an associated course on computer literacy in the first quarter, and intensive instruction in composition and information literacy in the second and third quarters, (2) breadth requirements, and (3) an upper-division practicum, with an adjunct communication class. The Sixth College Academic Plan is available on the web (http://www-senate.ucsd.edu/Sixth/toc.htm). The plan was unanimously approved by the Academic Senate Representative Assembly on May 29, 2001.

I hope that you share my excitement about Sixth College's academic vision and that you are eager to help shape its goals and participate in the implementation of its novel educational program. We have started discussions with faculty colleagues who are interested in teaching in the Core Sequence and/or serving in an advisory role on the Core Sequence Advisory Committee. We would like to begin recruiting for the Sixth College Education Committee that will be charged to flesh out the details of the approved General Education requirements.

Please check below if you are willing to transfer your affiliation to the new college. If you are also interested in serving on the Education Committee or on the Core Sequence Advisory Committee, please indicate that below by marking the appropriate bullet item. Unless there is an unexpected deluge of requests, I hope to accommodate everyone who responds. You will be notified as soon as possible.

                                                Gabriele Wienhausen
                                                Provost, Sixth College

_____ I would like to join the Sixth College faculty and request that my college affiliation be changed accordingly.

_____ In addition to joining the Sixth College faculty, I am willing to serve on the Education Committee that will work out the details of the General Education curriculum.

_____ In addition to joining the Sixth College faculty, I am interested in becoming involved with the Core Sequence Advisory Committee.



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