University of California, San Diego




September 14, 2001


SUBJECT:  Fall Quarter - Residence Hall Move-ins

Dear Parents:

We write to offer the condolences and sympathy of UCSD to all families that have suffered the loss or injury of a loved one in the horrendous tragedy of the past week. Through our shared grief, we struggle not only to understand what has occurred and why, but most importantly, what we can do to ease the pain and sorrow that have been inflicted on so many innocent individuals and our nation.

We are confident that each of us, individually and collectively, will find the wisdom and strength to bring our families and our nation through this horrible event.

UCSD is scheduled to begin the Fall Quarter next week with residence hall move-ins commencing on Saturday, September 15 and classes on Thursday, September 20. Because of airlines and transportation schedules have been disrupted, accommodations will be made for all students who may be delayed in their arrival on campus. If you have any questions, please contact the appropriate college administrators listed at the end of this letter. In addition, contact information is provided for other student services, including on-campus housing.

You can also access the UCSD web page (www.ucsd.edu) for up-to-date information on campus plans and actions.

As we all struggle with the enormity of this tragedy, we wish to assure you that UCSD will do all it can to provide your sons and daughters with an excellent education in a safe and secure environment. We will also keep you informed of any matters that might affect either the quality of their education or safety at UCSD.


                                                Robert C. Dynes

                                                Joseph W. Watson
                                                Vice Chancellor-Student Affairs


Contact Information:
Barbara Sawrey, Act'g. Provost, Revelle College (858) 534-3262
Renee Barnett Terry, Dean, Revelle College (858) 534-3492
Kevin Jones, Revelle Resident Dean (858) 534-3025

Patrick Ledden Provost, Muir College (858) 534-3583
Chips Dreilinger Dean, Muir College (858) 534-3588
Pat Danylyshyn-Adams Muir Resident Dean (858) 534-4200

Michael Schudson Int. Provost, T. Marshall Coll. (858) 534-4002
Ashanti Houston Hands Dean, T. Marshall Coll. (858) 534-4390
Yolanda Trevino, Thurgood. Marshall Res. Dean (858) 534-4340

David Jordan Provost, Warren College (858) 534-1709
Jeffrey Philpott Dean, Warren College (858) 534-4731
Claire Palmer, Warren Resident Dean (858) 534-4581

Ann Craig Provost, E. Roosevelt College (858) 534-2247
Patricia L. Scott Dean, E. Roosevelt College (858) 534-2237
Rey Guerrero, E. Roosevelt Resident Dean (858) 534-2261

Richard Backer AVC, Enrollmt Mgmt/Registrar (858) 534-3156
Bill Brown, Asst. Registrar (858) 534-4290
Mae Brown Dir., Admissions & Rels. w/ Schs. (858) 534-3156

Vincent DeAnda Dir., Financial Aid Office (FAO) (858) 534-3800

Mark Cunnigham, Housing and Dining (858) 534-7157

Mark Padrez Coord., Office of Religious Affairs (858) 452-1957

Bruce Meyer, Psychological & Counseling Services (858) 534-3758