University of California, San Diego


September 27, 2001


SUBJECT:  University Interaction with Industry

UCSD has a long history of cooperation with industry in the support of research that is consonant with UCSD's mission of teaching, research, and public service. Cooperative efforts are encouraged because they produce benefits to the University and industry as well as to society as a whole. Industry provides an important source of research ideas and funding while contributing to the education and real world learning opportunities for students. Also, the University plays a critical role in fueling the regional and State economies through the effective transfer of technology to industry and its resulting commercialization.

Over the last decade, interactions between UCSD and industry have become increasingly numerous, varied, and complex. The following principles guide UCSD's interactions with industry and the transfer of UCSD-created technology for the benefit of the public:

* An open academic environment, including freedom to publish, is fundamental to the University.
* Outside professional activities, including interactions with industry, are an appropriate form of public service as long as they do not interfere with other University responsibilities, especially responsibilities to students.
* Conflicts of interest are to be disclosed to the University, so that they may be managed to ensure the objectivity of University research.
* University facilities and resources are to be devoted to activities that support University teaching, research, and public service.

To assist faculty, staff, and students in learning about appropriate practices when interacting with industry, the campus is undertaking a number of informational activities. The first is the development of a website that features information and guidance on a range of topics related to working with industry, including consulting, conflict of commitment, conflict of interest, involvement of students and postdoctoral scholars, research agreements, and technology transfer. The website may be viewed at:


Links on the website will take you to other related campus and Office of the President websites. The website also includes a listing of people to contact with questions about University interaction with industry. Your comments and suggestions for improvement of the site are welcomed and may be addressed to Greg Llacer, gllacer@ucsd.edu.

Collaborations with industry are a vital part of the fabric of a modern research university. I believe that our established guidelines and our commitment to better informing our community about these interactions will assure that we structure these arrangements appropriately and thus both benefit society and preserve the core academic values of the University.

                                                Robert C. Dynes