University of California, San Diego


October 9, 2001


SUBJECT:  Expanded Responsibility for Deputy Vice Chancellor &
Deputy Dean

As you may recall from an earlier announcement, we have searches underway for a new Chair of Medicine, Chair of Radiology, Dean of the School of Pharmacy/Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Physician-in-Chief of UCSD Healthcare. We have just recruited Tom Jackiewicz for the new position of Chief of Staff, UCSD Health Sciences. While we are excited by the potential contribution of this pool of talented individuals, it will take some time to finalize recruitment and assimilate these new senior leaders into our organization.

During this interval, our educational programs require immediate and ongoing attention. The academic lifeblood of this University is the people who generate and disseminate knowledge, and the trainees at all levels who select UCSD to achieve their educational and professional goals. We have immediate needs for enhancement of programs for our medical students, graduate and postgraduate trainees, and for programs that support our faculty.

As I have previously announced, we are creating a new position, the Dean for Education and Academic Affairs, to oversee this important educational agenda. For now, in order to ensure that we effectively address the needs of our faculty, students, and trainees while we are in the process of conducting searches for the academic, clinical, and administrative leaders mentioned earlier, I have asked David Bailey to temporarily assume responsibility for the duties of the Dean for Education and Academic Affairs, in addition to his duties as Deputy Vice Chancellor and Deputy Dean.

Dr. Bailey will become responsible for activities in the following areas: medical school admissions and medical education, postgraduate medical education, continuing medical education, and academic affairs, all areas of responsibility for the to-be-named Dean of Education and Academic Affairs. A national search for the new Dean of Education and Academic Affairs will occur, but this search is being delayed so that we can give appropriate attention to the immediate needs of our students, trainees, and faculty. With Dr. Bailey filling this vital role, we will also be able to focus on ensuring a smooth transition with the arrival of the new leadership currently being recruited.

Dr. Bailey will continue to provide leadership in the other areas for which he has assumed responsibility as Deputy Vice Chancellor and Deputy Dean, including but not limited to coordination of efforts to conclude the partnership with Children's Hospital, reorganization of IRB infrastructure, and development of plans for the Clinical Investigation Institute and the Academy of Clinical Scholars.

Dr. Gordon Gill will continue in his role as Interim Dean for Scientific Affairs until a search is concluded for this position, and he will work with the Vice Chancellor and Dean to see that the basic and clinical research agendas of the Health Sciences are realized.

                                                Edward W. Holmes, M.D.
                                                Vice Chancellor--Health Sciences
                                                Dean, School of Medicine