University of California, San Diego


October 16, 2001


SUBJECT:  Environmental Protection Agency Compliance Initiative

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has informed the University of California that it will evaluate environmental compliance of the entire UC system. This is part of a larger EPA initiative to ensure that the nation's colleges and universities are meeting their responsibilities under state and federal environmental laws. In this national compliance effort, EPA has pursued enforcement actions against institutions from New England to Hawaii, and many of these actions have resulted in substantial penalties against the institutions involved.

At the University of California, EPA will focus on three programs:
-hazardous waste management;
-chemical inventory and chemical release reporting; and
-emergency preparedness planning.

Under a UC systemwide initiative, UCSD will audit its own compliance with the applicable regulations and report its findings to EPA. EPA may confirm the University's report through routine inspections of the campus. The audit will include laboratories, chemical waste storage areas, vehicle maintenance areas, shops, art departments and athletic facilities. The UCSD Office of Environment, Health and Safety will be conducting the campus audit during the months of October and November. Please extend your full cooperation and support to the EH&S auditors who visit your workplace.

In addition, please take this opportunity to ensure that:
-everyone generating chemical waste is properly trained in everyday management and their roles in an emergency;
-your chemical containers are securely closed and properly labeled; and
-that all chemical waste is disposed of in accordance with campus guidelines.

More detailed information on the audit initiative and these requirements is available through the web page, http://blink.ucsd.edu/go/epa. EH&S staff are also available to answer questions or provide assistance on these requirements by calling x43660.

UCSD is committed to full compliance with all environmental, health and safety laws. To that end, the campus is developing innovative and integrated management systems that will allow UCSD to maintain and improve its performance in these areas. Your assistance with proper chemical management will ensure that UCSD continues to set an example of responsible environmental stewardship and acts as a leader in providing a safe and healthy workplace.

                                                Robert C. Dynes